FFXIV: Cauldronfiend’s Scrip Gear

So when I first saw the Cauldronfiend’s set, I knew I had it have it for my RP alt. For reference, this is the Level 80 Alchemist White Scrip gear. While you can get White Scrips any time from crafting collectable turn-ins, it’s just easier to wait until the weekly turn-ins are available. I’ve looked at what’s needed to craft and the materials required, and I’ll just go the slow but steady way.

Weekly turn-ins reset on Tuesday. If you’re lucky, one or more of the possible turn-in NPCs may offer bonus scrips. Up until now, I’ve been using this to gear up my gatherers. But this week, I’ve used it to level a crafter on my main (nets about one and a half levels or so) and gear up Amon’s first 80 crafter.

This is one of the nicest of the lab-coat type sets they’ve made so far, IMHO. And a good solid weekly turn-in with one bonus got me all of the pieces except for the gloves. But the gloves look so similar to what I already had, it’s not a huge deal.

Oh, plus it has better stats. But who cares about that? Glamour!

I plan on finishing this set out, including the tool… then..? I don’t know. I’ll have to decide on whether it makes more sense to finish up my gatherers or use the turn-ins for leveling more crafters. I guess I’ll decide on that when I get there!

I’m not super fond of sets that only work for specific jobs, mostly because I don’t usually have the room in my inventory for them. Since I’ve only leveled a few battle jobs on Amon, I have a lot more space for frivolous things like this.