Blaugust: Let’s Talk About WordPress Reader

I do a lot of praising about Tumblr’s great dashboard because it’s a feature that is at the heart of the blogging environment. The platform does an amazing job at delivering other people’s content to you and encouraging people to share content around and recognize it.

This is an area that as a platform could really improve on. It’s also the reason I choose Tumblr over WordPress when it comes to needing to create blog that’s highly interactive (such as an RP blog). However, that doesn’t mean WordPress doesn’t have tools. In fact, it has a pretty great feature, if you are on, called the Reader.

So, when you click that little Follow button on WordPress blogs, that actually does do something – it adds that blog to your your Followed Sites in the Reader. It creates a flowing dashboard of content for all of the blogs you follow. To access it, just click the Reader button on the top WordPress bar of your blog.

There, you’ll see a bunch of options! View your Favorites, Discover new blog content in the environment, see what you’ve liked before, or check out Tags.

Tags is actually a pretty cool little feature, so let’s take a look at it. Basically, when you click on Tags, you get a list of tags that you’re following.

Not following any tags? Click Add and type a topic you’re interested in. Then, when someone else writes a blog post and tags that post with a tag you’re following, you can see it by clicking that tag name in this list.

It’s pretty darn cool, and a very good reason why you should make sure you’re tagging your content when you write blog posts! Not only does it help you organize your writing, but you never know who might have saved tags you use, and will see your posts because of it.

The great thing is that WordPress has these options in the Reader. The sad thing is that I don’t know that people are aware and using it… at least nothing to the extent that they do in Twitter or Tumblr.

If more bloggers got involved, watched tags, discovered new blogs, and really put the Follow system to use, then WordPress could become much more social.

It really would benefit all bloggers who use the platform. This would lead to creators becoming readers and more exchange of comments and ideas. Other than writing a post about it, and encouraging folks to check it out if they don’t use it already, I’m not sure what else can be said.

Soooo… if you haven’t used WordPress Reader, check it out! It’s really a great snapshot at what other people are doing, and gives you a quick look at all the blogs your Following in one place.

It’s also a part of the WordPress App if you prefer mobile!


  1. The ability to search all the hosted blogs via tags and categories is one of the strongest points of the WP Reader. It also points out why you should use consistent and clear tags and categories. I know a few EVE Online players who just use the category “eve” rather than “eve online,” which means they get mixed into a whole bunch of unrelated posts.

  2. Tags? Don’t talk to me about freakin’ tags! Have you seen my tag tail? I must have 150+ on there at least. I am trying to make them as consistent as possible but over eight years you cover a lot of topics.

    Putting the tags on each post is the one and only part of the blogging process i actively dislike. I might even say hate. I wish the damn things didn’t exist but because they do I feel obligated to use them for exactly the reason you give.

    I have never even thought for a second about using tags to find anything else anywhere on the internet, though. Why I would think anyone would use mine is a mystery to me. Of course, if I used WordPress, that might be different!

    1. Tag use is very different across different blogging environments. You can get away with not tagging in WordPress, even though it’s smart to do it.

      But on a platform like Tumblr, aside from the feed/dashboard, tags are the main way you get your content seen. People use tags to alert other bloggers that something’s related to them, they use it to organize content, they use it to get their posts sent to certain tag categories to be noticed, and they even add additional information about the situation (storytell) in tags. You can search your own Tumblr on tags, and even create feeds pages around those tags… it’s really endless.

      You follow tags on Tumblr and it creates a feed of that topic. Tumblr alerts you with a number next to the tag name when new posts are made using that tag by ANYONE on Tumblr. That’s how you know what’s going on. It’s very similar to the WordPress Reader tag feed above.

      Maybe I’ll write something about Tumblr tags, because it’s a whole different world over there. And it’s a really fascinating system.

  3. I’ve been using the reader since I started my blog a few years ago 🙂 It’s great! I do pretty much all of reading and writing blogs on my phone so WordPress basically acts lile Facebook, giving me notifications of likes and comments. It’s super convenient 🙂

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