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FFXIV: A Life of Adventure III

I know things have been quiet around here since the end of Blaugust. We had the holiday weekend, but also had Hurricane Dorian visit us all of Thursday.

The storm wasn’t too bad for us, but what it did earlier when it was a Cat 5 was tremendous and frightening. So, just as with any Hurricane, our week was filled with awareness and watching to see where the storm would go. Now that it’s over, we can relax a bit — hoping those who were in the storm’s path were safe.

I’ve continued to work on my FFXIV goals bit by bit every day. It’s taken this long, but finally, last night my Dark Knight hit level 70. I also earned the achievement A Life of Adventure III (which I didn’t know was a thing until I achieved it)!

Basically, all of my jobs, except for the two new ones that just launched with this expansion, are at 70 now. My goal for this year was to get them to 60, so I’ve way overshot this goal. And with beast tribes coming out in 5.1 and the Trust system, which I haven’t tried yet, moving jobs on up to 80 is quite realistic.

I’m going to unlock the Gunbreaker job this weekend and start that on the next round of beast tribes. I also have a bunch of Stormblood quests I haven’t finished yet, and I aim to clean all of those up since this is the last tank job I have to level to 70. Dancer will be getting the roulette treatment, so I’m not too worried about picking up all the random XP that I can get like with a tank.

Soon enough, I may just earn that Amaro mount afterall!


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