FFXIV: Back in Yanxia

Last weekend, I finally managed to push Tai all the way through Stormblood and get him into Shadowbringers. I thought this would lead into my third foray in the expansion, and I’m sure it will… just… maybe not yet.

While Tai was finishing up Stormblood, my other alt, Zuri, was sitting in line outside of the Sirensong Sea dungeon. It’s always the dungeons I stop at, naturally, as they are forced group content that block me from moving on in my MSQ.

For some reason, I decided to keep pushing forward with Zuri, and though the queue was long and I was running it by myself (I rarely run group content with a full PUG), I got through that dungeon. This finally got Zuri to Kugane for the first time.

Seeing that she’s an RP alt, and her backstory revolves around Yanxia, I was keen to keep her moving through MSQ to open up that zone. I knew that required a bunch of questing through the Ruby Sea, and beating the Suzano trial.

While I don’t hate the the Ruby Sea, it’s not my favorite zone, especially when you first get there. The problem is that it’s just what it says – some scattered land with a huge chunk of water in the middle. Once you unlock underwater swimming and flying in this zone, it’s not a big deal, and the underwater areas are nice. But when you’re on foot and you have to slog across it for quests, swimming slowly on top of the water for long stretches of the area is just a pain.

I still have yet to unlock flying as I haven’t done the dungeon for that zone (might do it tonight). But thankfully, only Suzano blocks the way for moving on to the next zone, which is Yanxia. The fight itself seems to be a coin toss – I’ve had terrible and struggling Suzano PUGs in the past, so I never know what I’m going to get. Last night, the group was awesome and really knew their stuff. I didn’t even have to wait too long in the queue for it.

I don’t know how long my momentum for Stormblood will last now that Zuri has finally reached her homelands. But I enjoy the Dancer job quite a bit, so I’m going to ride this progress train for as far as it takes me.