FFXIV: The Invisible (Helping) Hand

While I don’t usually blog on the weekends, a lot of unexpected and fun things happened today. I decided that since Mog Tome farming starts tomorrow, I really wanted to knock out the final 20 FATES I had left to do in Tempest today.

I got a late start due to one of the other unexpected fun things that happened (I’ll post about that later). But when I got there, I wasn’t alone. Thankful for any help I could get, I accepted a FATE group invite. We had a few people come and go, and determined that some folks just needed to level while some were finishing up the FATEs in that area.

When the group leader got their FATEs done, I had about 4 or so left to complete, and I expected them to head out. But they decided to stick with me. When I asked “are you sure?” (because running FATEs can get exhausting), they said they needed the experience, and then…

I kept hitting “w” because I was trying to keep up with an escort FATE, and I was super surprised.

Anyhow, best of luck to you Laire on getting your Amaro mount. And thank you again for your unexpected kindness in helping me finish this goal! It was really nice to have a party to quickly blast through the last FATEs I needed. 🙂