FFXIV: Patch 5.1 Trailer – Release Date: Oct 29

This trailer, which was released with today’s Live Letter, gives a peek at a number of things including the new 24 man raid, Hades EX, the new dungeon, and a hint that Alex bosses will be the next Ultimate. Good news for the folks who are interested in all that sort of stuff.

I don’t mean to be a downer, but none of that really does much for me. I’m looking forward to the new MSQ an beast tribe quests, which I think we saw a bit in there, but that’s been way overshadowed by the whole Nier thing.

The more I see the aesthetics of it, the less I really care for it. Part of what I liked about Shadowbringers was that it felt a lot more fantasy-based and low-tech. And now we’re being tossed into some dark factory of metal and machines. Yeah, not really my thing.

I am looking forward to changes in crafting, which the Live Letter went into a tiny bit. Though, sadly, the Ishgard reconstruction doesn’t start until patch 5.11… which I kinda had an idea was going to be the case. I also find it interesting they keep saying the Diadem will be reworked (again) to be the gathering location.

They also said something about adding new features to housing to make it easier and more appealing to RP in. I wonder what that’s about?

Just as typical, I’m sure I’ll likely be hyped by all the QoL and small features FFXIV adds this patch, rather than the big ones they showcase. We won’t find out about the exciting stuff until probably next Friday, as long as the preliminary patch notes drop then.

Until then, I’ve somewhat been taking it easy in FFXIV, mostly just logging in to check retainers. Since I’m done with pushing all my jobs to 70, I don’t need to do dailies anymore. Plus I’ve completed everything I wanted to buy for mogtomes and I’ve more or less upgraded my accessories with Eden drops… well… most of what I set out to finish this month is done, so it’s time for a little break until the patch.

I’ll come back rested and ready for 5.1 – and I might even duke it out for a new larger housing spot. It just depends.