FFXIV 5.1 Preliminary Patch Notes Highlights

It’s that time again! FFXIV has dropped the preliminary patch notes for Patch 5.1, and here I am highlighting the most important and exciting elements (to me). Granted, I’m a lover of fluff and quality of life, so what excites me is probably not going to coincide with the general community.


I think this is the first time I’ve been this excited to see MSQ in a long time. I really want to see what happens in the First!

Always love new Beast Tribe quests! I know the porxie is a mount eventually, so maybe this is where it comes from?

THIS! This is FANTASTIC! I got so super annoyed after failing the Magni/Sadu fight back when it was relevant over and over again. And then a few times to Ranjit. I would have used this in a heartbeat. I really don’t care much for instance fights to be honest.

Excellent. That first change was needed so much. Also, I had an idea they’d keep adding things to the gemstone traders to keep FATEs relevant. Glad I leveled mine up. Don’t mind doing some more if the rewards are cool.

New housing is always good! I’m pondering whether to make a rush for a medium lot I have my eye on. But even if I don’t, I’m happy with the spot I have now.

Hopefully this will allow eating interactions as well as interactions with furniture. It’s so frustrating to be comfy sitting on the bench in front of the FC only for a friend to come and trade some food to you… but you have to stand up to eat it! This is such a nice change!

Finally!! My Amon-gear mannequin will finally look right with a proper Elezen model!

I felt like Red Mage was in a pretty good spot already, but I’ll take some buffs. I guess improving other jobs means this one needs a little love, too.

Oh wow…. Blue Mage got some pretty nice buffs (and one big nerf). I’m kinda glad I didn’t start leveling it on my main yet. It will be interesting to see how it’s changed since the first time through.

Oh! I haven’t gotten my Rathalos mount yet. I know folks in my FC are still interested in this. Maybe we’ll do it?

I’m happy about the crafting tree, but now that I’ve seen all the changes to crafting, I’m a little distraught. I never used macros, so now I’m going to have to try to figure out crafting all over again – what I was doing has worked for years, even if it wasn’t pro.

Thank you!! It was so frustrating to have forgotten to put the collectable skill on.

This is really nice! I didn’t level my desynth much in the past, but I certainly will look into it now!

All of the gatherer changes look really nice! Excited for these!

Ooooooooooooooooooooooooh! Why do I suddenly see myself as gathering a LOT more now?

This is AMAZING! Something I didn’t even know I wanted!

Gpose changes are VERY nice!


I personally don’t see myself using this much as I’ve got so many alts that I’d rather NOT run the story again (as much as I love it). Still, for those who want to see it all over again, I’m glad this will exist!

This is cute! It’s always nice to have something new to build in the FC workshop!

These are nice! I could find a place for both of these in some of my layouts.

These are some nice changes – having party play is very cool! I also like getting a brass instrument – we’ll see how it sounds.

I still wish they had a system for automatic songs though, like LOTRO has with ABC tunes. The only way I can play music is still through the Bard Music Player.

Also, playing more than one note at a time. I guess syncing helps with that a bit, but those are my two hopes for this system eventually.

Wow… they did it!

Oh really? I might poke my head in Eureka…

These are snazzy! I could see Amon wearing this outfit.

These are nice but… not really the changes I wanted to see. Where is putting a Dresser in personal and FC housing? Please???

New deliveries? I’ll take it!

Woo! No more getting booted for AFK around the house. Also, it’s long been time to consolidate field instances.

I guess this was due for a refresh.


This is… interesting. And I guess good news for people who REALLY want to play with the Exarch in their Trust party again. Though a little worthless if they don’t gain experience. But, eh. If it makes some people happy for the option, that’s fine.

Oh. I didn’t expect this so soon. I guess I better suck it up and beat down Titan three more times.

Oh wow. We’ve never had a permanent Echo in a 24 man raid before. That… says a lot.

Ew… ouch. RIP Diadem.

*Throws Ronkan gear at the GC for seals… please?*

Wait… what? Everything I knew about how to craft just got thrown out the window. I don’t know if I like this. They said it would make it easier to craft, but I don’t know now!

I’m curious about Fellowships. I don’t know if I’ll get involved in any, but I guess I’ll wait and see how people use them.

What now? Hm…


I’m still feeling really, really MEH about this new 24 man raid. It might surprise me, but I really don’t see how Nier fits in with Lali-ho. Eden they can figure out a way to squish into the First. This… not so much.

Not really happy with these changes at all. I see this as a significant nerf. I was sad they took Bard support away, and was happy to hear they’d give some back. But they gave us what… 1%, 2% or 3% support to our songs back (seriously?)… and nerfed all of our damage skills. I don’t think that balances at all. Not when you look at Dancer who has better support and is getting lots of buffs (they did need some buffs, I agree). I think poor Bard is going to get shelved for Dancer by players – the new job is just a lot of fun and is looking more attractive with the buffs.

Nooooooooooooooo…. they left Amaurot in the Expert roulette? Ugh!

Kinda a bummer, but I understand why. I’ll still never be able to access Mentor Roulette anyhow because I’ve not completed all the trials required to do it. So I guess it doesn’t really change anything for me.

Final Thoughts

There’s a lot more here than I thought there would be that excites me. I’m a little worried about the crafting changes, in love with the gathering changes, and there’s plenty of other little things that made me go Hmmm… that I just didn’t list here for sake of space.

Bring on patch 5.1!