FFXIV: Summoner/Scholar & Trusts Ding 80!

The Starlight Festival is in full swing in FFXIV this week, and while I do want to talk about the event, more importantly, I hit one of my most important monthly goals last night.

I started a few days before December, and have been doing one run with my Trusts per night. I’ve worked on the same job every day — Summoner/Scholar — and finally hit 80 on both my job and the first three Trust members I’ve been leveling.

So this didn’t take quite a month to do, even with the Trust members leveling at the same rate (and at one point outleveled me) as I did. But it still came pretty close to a month’s work.

I picked Summoner because it was the last casting job I needed to level to get all of my casters wearing the same gear. This let me clean out a significant chunk of my inventory, for which I was pretty happy!

As an added bonus, this allowed me to level my first healer – Scholar – to 80 as well. This means that once I figure out how to play the class somewhat, I can take on the Shadowbringers role quests for that job. I haven’t done these yet on either of my characters, and I do want to finish this all on my main for every role eventually.

So. As you can see, I still have three more trust members to level. Because none of them are a tank, my next goal is to take my Gunbreaker through the Trusts as my first tank. In the meantime, I’m still using Beast Tribe quests to nudge each of my jobs up to 71 to allow them to access Trusts. This has been working very well. Here’s where I’m sitting at today:

Right now, I’m about halfway through 70 on Dragoon. Then all I have left is Ninja and the rest of my tanks. That’s a lot of jobs! And at one trust a day, even if I didn’t skip a day, that’s going to be a lot of work for next year!


  1. I started doing some with the Trust system last weekend. Got Alphinaud, Alisae, and Thancred all to 73 while I was playing as Machinist. MCH is 80 now, though, so I did a little with my Ninja too I’ve leveled DNC, BRD, and MCH all to 80 so cleared out the armor part of the bags, but NIN uses the same accessories, so it’s next so I can clean that out too šŸ˜‰

    After Ninja, I think I’ll do Dragoon, as its armor isn’t shared, so that will clean out the armor part again, though then I’ll have to do Monk and Samurai to clean out the accessories… It never ends! At least.. until everything’s capped again, anyway….

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