2020 Gaming Goals for the Year

Welcome to the new decade! Let’s start this year out right by setting down some gaming goals. I have a lot of other actual life goals stashed in other places, I’m only focusing on gaming stuff here. So don’t worry, I don’t only make goals for games. 😉

Spend Less on Games

Oh wow. I dropped a bomb here!

This year, I might be setting out to do some costly renovations to my place. Considering that, I’ve decided this is as good a year as any to try to cut back on unneeded spending. I mean, I really don’t NEED most of the games I buy as it is. And often I don’t really play them very deeply either.

There’s one or two exceptions (Animal Crossing), but overall, I’m going to stop preordering and buying games unless it’s something I really love.

Also, this extends to buying stuff in the cash shop. I’ve made too many impulse buys on the Mog Station this past year. This includes mounts and outfits, character name changes and fantasias. I don’t mind supporting FFXIV beyond my sub because I enjoy the game, but I need to settle down with the stable of characters I have on hand now, and stop dropping extra cash in the shop.

FFXIV – Leveling My Main

Today, once I finish my beast tribe quests, I will have all of my main’s jobs to 71. This means that they’re all within Trust leveling range. The long, ponderous road lies ahead.

My ultimate goal: the amaro mount.

Yes, I’ve gone from simply hoping to get all of my jobs to level 60 last year, to reaching for leveling as many as I can to 80 this year.

I’m in it for the long haul between Trusts and Beast Tribe quests. As to not burn myself out, I will probably shoot to do these things daily.

I’m not sure that I’ll get all jobs to 80 by the end of the year, but the goal is to make progress towards that.

FFXIV – Alt Progress

I have so many alts and they’re all scattered at various stages of progression. A lot of them are posed to need a push through Stormblood, which is somewhat painful the fourth time through, but totally do-able.

So my goal is to focus on one alt each month and reach an individual monthly goal for them. For example, Tai needs to finish Shadowbringers. Zuri just needs to get through Stormblood. Ben needs to start Stormblood. Koh needs to finish leveling her Summoner/Scholar to 60 . So… lots of little goals here and there.

FFXIV – Decorate House & Rooms

I’m going to follow up on last year’s goal of taking the space I have in the game and making use of it. I have several FC rooms that still need decorating. And my main’s house is still in an undecorated state.

If nothing else, I want to make progress on decorating my main’s house. I think I’m going with a minimal cabin-woodsy feel for it. It’s just a matter of planning out what I want and figuring how to get it done.

Steam – Play the Games I Buy

Even though I said I would buy less games this year, I still want to nudge myself to play the games I buy. Preferably around the time I buy them. I did well on this goal last year, so I want to keep it up. Hopefully, though, there won’t be many new games to play. (Never thought I’d say that.)

Steam – Get to 60% Backlog Played

I really want to set some sort of weekly goal for trying out Steam games. That doesn’t always work well with me, though, especially if I find a game I want to keep playing.

Anyhow, here’s where I stand at the beginning of the year on my backlog:

It’s a whole lot better than the previous years when I was way under 50%. I’m happy that I’m making progress and not backsliding. This year I want to push this up even more and really weed out my backlog. If I could actually finish some games, that would be great, too!

I really like the new Steam interface, and I’m starting to hide games on my list. There’s so many that I tried out (from bundles and the like) that I’ll never play again. This helps me not feel so overwhelmed by my backlog.

Switch Backlog

I don’t know why this seems like it’s the tough one. Indies make up a good chunk of my Switch backlog, and it’s hard to track what I’ve played and what I haven’t. I might need to start making a spreadsheet of Switch games, and then uninstalling games I’ve already played or won’t play again.

One way or another, I just need to come up with a solution for handling my Switch backlog. It’s getting out of hand!

…And well… that’s all I can think of right now. Good enough? Let’s get cracking!