January Gaming Goals in Review

Most of this month’s goals got tossed right out the window, but that’s actually fine. Several things came up this month that I didn’t expect – a new Mogtome event and the desire to play the Sims 4, to name some. I also wanted to spend time working on IRL crafts and diamond painting, which cut into leisure time.

So what ended up getting cut?


  • Level Tank via Trusts (Main)
  • Level second job via Pixie Beast Tribes (Main)
  • Level crafters via weekly turnins (Main & Amon)
  • Progress Tai through Shadowbringers – Some

I just wasn’t feeling grinding Trusts every day this month. I started out by running a few, but then ended up dropping that by the wayside.

I doubt I would have continued that once the Mogtomes event started, anyhow. Praetorium runs eat up a good chunk of time, about the same as a Trust run, and I’m only up for so much of this every night. Getting the mount is more important, and Trusts will be there later.

However, I did level my Astro from 71 to (almost) 79 using the Pixie quests alone. So I have been making progress on one job, and hope to have that finished up next week. I know that I can pretty easily squeeze in Pixie quests every day, and this seems a viable way to nudge a job towards 80 without a huge time commitment.

I’ve also been leveling crafters doing weekly turn-ins. I know that Ishgard crafting is much faster EX, but if you toss in there the time to gather, it just feels faster to toss 12 items at NPCs and gain a level or two a week. I only have a few jobs on both characters left to finish off, and like the Pixie quests, this doesn’t eat up a lot of time.

I made some progress on Tai, but not as much as I wanted to. I really need to get him moving, especially with another patch about to drop next month.

Steam Backlog Goals

  • Try one new game in the “Clear” category each week

I did this the first week, then forgot this was a goal. Oops.

Switch Backlog

  • Find an organizational method for backlog (spreadsheet?)
  • Uninstall games I’m not coming back to
  • Earn next badge in Pokemon
  • Try out one new indie game

I didn’t touch any of this. Dang it! But to my credit, there’s been a ton of Switch game sales and I haven’t bought any new games. So I’ve done well in that area.

So, for February.

I think I’m going to take a break from goals. I feel like my focus is all over the place right now, and I’ve been limiting my time in FFXIV because I’ve wanted to do and play other things.

I know I’ll be coming back to FFXIV in Feb for the new patch, and to be honest, I’m not really looking forward to another Tome grind for gear. I’ve run some sort of raid or dungeon every night (especially with Mogtomes), and I’m getting a little worn out from it.

I’ve had a lot of fun playing Sims lately, and just doing more free-form gaming. So I think I’m going to give the goals a rest next month. They’re there to give me a checklist of things to accomplish, but I don’t want it to get where goals are confining and blocking the fun.