FFXIV: Kirin Mount – It Took How Many Years?

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So thanks to the newest Mogtomes event in FFXIV, I was finally able to finish up my pony collection last night, and get my kirin on my main. I’d already done this on my RP alt – he just ended up the character I did the farming on for whatever reason. And that’s going to be true of the bird mounts, too, when I finish them on him during this event.

I’ve just never been much for running Extreme content, and tend to skip trial fights whenever they’re optional. I still haven’t gotten the /hum emote on any of my characters yet because I’ve never run that trial fight. Maybe one day!

Anyhow, last night, I finished up a couple Prae runs to pick up the Shiva pony. Then, all I needed to finish my lot was the Ifrit one. I had been farming Ifrit a bit before they actually changed him to be easier to farm, but I had no luck in getting the pony drop, and eventually it slipped my mind to keep trying. Last night, it took me about 4 runs before the whistle finally popped up for me.

So now, after many years of playing this game, I finally have my pony collection completed! This Mogtome event will also net me one bird and the first of the wolves. I’ll still be missing the Ravana bird, however, so I’ll have to wait to see if that comes back into rotation next time, or drag someone into farming it (if I can’t solo it).

I’m not really in a rush to do it, though. Which is precisely why it took me this long to get all the ponies! ๐Ÿ™‚

3 responses to “FFXIV: Kirin Mount – It Took How Many Years?”

    • This event offers both Ifrit and Shiva ponies for 30 tomes each. So if you need those and don’t want to farm the trial, there’s that. Also, the first wolf mount – Suzano – for 50 tomes. So it’s a good idea to jump on that if you don’t have wolves.

      I have a ton of mounts I need this time around, and some on two characters. I’m going to be sick of Praetorium when this is over. haha


      • I have some ponies from unsync’d extreme runs, plus have picked some up from other events. But I think I need both from this one, and I want that wolf too, so…. I gotta get cracking!

        Plus I’m gonna want to get the ponies and the wolf for my daughter too. She loves wolves. Though she’s still very happy with her pegasus….

        But yeah, I feel your “pain” of needing to do this on 2 characters ๐Ÿ˜‰


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