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June 2020 Gaming Goals

I put gaming goals on pause back in February, and I think it was a good move for me at the time. I needed a little break from things, and I’ve taken one.

So here comes June rolling around, and I thought maybe it’s finally time to get back to having a few more structured goals. I’ve been pretty casual about my FFXIV play lately, though I have been hammering out at least one (sometimes two) Prae runs for the Moogle Event. I should be finishing that up this weekend and I have that heavy feeling of a lot of unfinished things hanging over my head now.

Mostly? Job and role quests. Yep. I’m right back to having procrastinated on my job quests, despite having completely leveled many jobs to 80.

Also: Crafter relics. These are now a thing. And while I’ve been amassing the materials you can buy with scrips, they’re just sitting in neat stacks in my inventory due to me doing absolutely nothing with them. On two characters. FFXIV doesn’t have enough inventory space to be doing that.

One final thing: I’ve been making progress in Shadowbringers on Tai again. Last night, I cleared the Well, unlocked flying in a zone and moved on to the next zone. I’d love to progress him to the end game before the next patch. We’ll see if that’s a reality, though.


  • Finish earning final mount in Moogle Event
  • Job Quests on Main for:
    • Summoner
    • Scholar
    • Dancer
    • Bard
    • Machinist
    • Astro
    • White Mage
  • Role Quests on Main for Healers & Melee DPS
  • Job Quest for Amon – Dancer
  • Stormblood Hildibrand for Amon
  • Progress Tai through Shadowbringers
  • Crafter Relics for Main & Amon
  • Daily Beast Tribes for Main’s Monk leveling
  • Check out Ishgard Restoration Quests

On top of all this, I’m still playing Animal Crossing daily. I also want to pick up the new Sims expansion at the end of this week if it has pretty good reviews. I’ve also been dabbling a little in Minecraft on the side, as well as a Switch game called Bargain Hunter. So I have other stuff I want to explore this month, too.

Honestly, while this looks like a lot to do, aside from relics and progressing Tai, most of these I could knock out pretty quickly. I’m hoping putting it down in a post will give me the motivation to do just that!


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3 thoughts on “June 2020 Gaming Goals

  1. 1 Prae run = 45-50 minutes, 10 mogtome reward.
    1 Castrum run = 25-30 minutes, 7 mogtome reward.

    So…. Castrum is about 30% more efficient in getting tomes quickly. On the nights I’ve been logging in I’ll run an MSQ roulette (which is 90% Prae right now) and then queue for Castrum. Means I get 17 tomes in about an hour and 20 minutes, ish. On weekends I do more Castrum runs, but I’ve almost got all the mounts and riding maps I want between my 2 characters anymore, so I won’t be doing it much longer.

    Perhaps I’ll finally start doing copied factory and get the pretty cosmetic gear or something…. 😉


    1. I do Prae because though it’s longer, the multiple cutscenes give me more time to take care of daily stuff in Animal Crossing while they’re running. So in the long run, I’m knocking out two games at once. 😉


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