FFXIV: Shadowbringers Completed! (Third Time)

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This was one of those things that shouldn’t have taken as long as it did to finish, but I just ran out of steam in the middle of doing it. I finally got Tai through to the end of the current patch in Shadowbringers!

Considering that when Shadowbringers launched, he was still stuck mid-Stormblood, it was quite a way for him to go. When I finally got him to Shadowbringers, I thought it would be quick and smooth sailing, especially with Trusts to get me through all the dungeons. And that part was true.

Of course, I still had to go through the three trials in groups, which turned out to not be quite as painful as I feared. Aside from Titania, all trials were pretty easy to clear on the first shot. I think I had some pretty excellent PUGs though.

Since Tai is geared up with the crafted level 80 stuff, he should be good to go into the next patch as-is. I don’t plan on doing any Tome grinding for him (or any of my upcoming characters) because doing it on my main is more than enough for me. I’m glad for the option of crafted gear because that makes my life with alts so much easier.

Speaking of alts in general, most of my other alts are stuck in Stormblood limbo right now. Unlike Shadowbringers, you still have to group to run all the dungeons through that story, and that is really what’s holding me back from getting my alts through it. Well, that and the fact that I find going through Stormblood yet again tedious.

My next character – Zuri – is currently in Yanxia, moving towards the Steppe. So she’s made some progress into the expansion already. I’m also quite interested in moving Tad and Ben through this content eventually. I’m not sure which one I’ll decide to work on now that Tai is finally done, but I do want to nudge myself to do a little bit every week to at least keep progress going.

2 responses to “FFXIV: Shadowbringers Completed! (Third Time)”

  1. 3rd? Impressive.

    I’ve been working my daughter’s cat through the expansion, but I’m to where I need to do the Titania trial to advance and … I just don’t like trials. When I took my own character through, it all went fine, but even there I got to the final trial of the expansion and just went “bleh” and signed out for 5 months. Then when I signed back in the trial wasn’t bad — took us 2 tries, but whoop-de-doo.

    I dunno why I’ve got such a block against doing trials….

    But yeah, I’ve actually got my daughter’s character to 80 on Summoner (and Scholar by extension) from running MSQ roulette for mogtomes (not just this go-round either) and even have gunbreaker to 71 now from that also, so it’s not like I haven’t been playing her character for her, it’s just that…. I dunno, maybe I’m just kinda burned out on mmo’s anymore. I enjoy my time playing them, but I just don’t feel like I’ve got a whole lot of drive in them either.

    There’s also that my daughter likes to play a lot of different games now and doesn’t really care about signing in and flying around on her own character much anymore either. And she’s old enough that I trust her to not “mess up mine” anymore either, which was the whole rationale for me making her a separate character in the 1st place, so….yeah.

    Anyway… congrats again on the 3rd time!

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    • I feel the same way about trials, especially now that I’ve been spoiled by Trusts for dungeons. I put off finishing the main part of the expansion for months because I knew I had two trials coming up to beat. I was also playing on Dragoon, which isn’t my strongest job, and the DPS queue is painful. But once I got in there and got it done, it wasn’t too bad.

      I also don’t run trials as roulette, and I don’t think my FC folks quite understand why. I’ve cleared too many of them unsynced (for story or mount purposes) and have no idea what the mechanics are to them. I still haven’t finished the optional trials in Stormblood on any of my characters either.


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