July 2020 Gaming Goals

July 2020 Gaming Goals

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July just came bursting on in today, so it’s time to set some new goals for this month! The new letter from Yoshi-P has set release for the next FFXIV patch on August 11. So new patch content is not going to be a concern during July — I have plenty of time to try to catch up on things like relic crafting.

So what are my plans for this month? Mostly to finish up the things I didn’t get around to in June, to be quite honest.


  • Role Quests on Main for Healer
  • Job quests for:
    • Monk
    • Scholar
    • Astro
    • White Mage
  • Level Samurai via Beast Tribes
  • Crafter Relics
  • Ishgard Restoration Quests
  • Amon – Dancer Quests
  • Amon – Hildibrand
  • Zuri – Progress through Stormblood

Most of this really shouldn’t take that long if I just sit down and space it out. Well, everything except progressing through Stormblood yet again.

Aside from that, still playing Animal Crossing daily, and messing around in Second Life as well. Might hop back into the Sims again, too.

Lots to choose from!

One response to “July 2020 Gaming Goals”

  1. I honestly don’t have any goals in FFXIV at the moment. I’d like to get the mount speed boosts for Norvrandt, I suppose, but I don’t care to grind FATEs just for that. I’d like to get that b-type cosmetic outfit, but I don’t care to raid. I’m 80 on everything, so no need to level anymore… Almost feels like I’m back where I was back when I got everything to 70 and ended up taking a break until Shadowbringers came out. I dunno. Maybe I’ll have a breakthrough.

    OTOH, I’m actually really enjoying the “pointless” railjack grind in Warframe right now, so that’s something, I guess. I’ve also semi-sorta decided to give LotRO another go, and got up to level 14-ish, I think a week or so ago, but haven’t logged back in since then. LotRO has never been “sticky” for me before, so this time might not be any different, but we’ll see, I guess.


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