July 2020 Gaming Goals in Review

July just seemed to zoom by me for some reason, but I’m pretty happy with how many goals I finished this time around. This month has seen quite a bit of playing the new alpha of 7D2D (which was unexpected) as well as FFXIV and continued Animal Crossing.

So what did I get done?


  • Role Quests on Main for Healer 
  • Job quests for:
    • Monk 
    • Scholar 
    • Astro 
    • White Mage 
  • Level Samurai via Beast Tribes 
  • Crafter Relics 
  • Ishgard Restoration Quests
  • Amon – Dancer Quests
  • Amon – Hildibrand
  • Zuri – Progress through Stormblood 

Well, look at that! I knocked out my Healer role quest and all of the outstanding job quests for all of the jobs I’ve leveled to 80. It’s the first time since last expansion that I’ve had it all buttoned up nicely like that.

Samurai is currently level 79 as I’ve been working on beast tribe quests every day. Looking towards having that finished next week and on to leveling the next job.

I finished all of my Crafter relics on my main, too. I’m somewhat kicking it around and going slowly on working at them for my alt. But my main was my biggest focus for this.

I also did get Zuri into the next zone for Stormblood, though I didn’t make a lot of progress on her. I did level her a little bit with Alliance Roulettes, but now I’ve set that aside as I’ve got two other characters that I’ve been focused on for roulettes this week – I’ll talk about that in my goal setting post, though.

So really, the only things I didn’t make progress on were some things for Amon and trying out the Ishgard Restoration quests. I still want to do those quests, though, especially before the next phase of the restoration drops. There’s some time before that, but it’s on my mind to see what those are about.

Really, that’s pretty good overall! And I do have a fairly clear idea of what I’d like to work on next month, though the 5.3 patch drop will very likely shove some goals out of the way. Thankfully, I don’t have a ton to hold over.