August 2020 Gaming Goals

Welcome to another new month! August has FFXIV players looking forward to patch 5.3 with lots of story and new goodies. Because of that, I’m keeping my goals pretty light. A number of these are hold-overs from last month with a few small additions.


  • Finish leveling Samurai and do job quest
  • Level Dragoon via Beast Tribes
  • Ishgard Restoration Quests
  • Amon – Crafter Relics 
  • Amon – Dancer Quests
  • Amon – Hildibrand
  • Tad – Level to 70 via Beast Tribes & Roulettes
  • Ben – Level via Beast Tribes & Roulettes
  • Zuri – Progress through Stormblood 

So why are Tad and Ben on the radar for leveling suddenly?

Well… during the FFXIV anniversary sale, I decided to break down and buy story skips for both of them. All the way to Shadowbringers.

Zuri is currently floundering through Stormblood for my 4th time through. The thought of doing it yet again on two more characters just to get to Shadowbringers… I could do it but I’m facing major burn-out.

Trusts are a major game-changer for me. Not having to stop and party up for a dungeon every couple of levels makes all the difference in the world. If they’d implement Trusts in Stormblood, I wouldn’t have skipped. I can blast through the story just fine, but I dread the dungeons.

The one catch is, neither Tad nor Ben are level 70 yet. So they can’t actually start Shadowbringers. That’s why I’m tossing them in beast tribes and roulettes to the best of my abilities. Tad is already level 66, almost 67, so he’s not too far away. Ben is much further, though.

I’m not going to push too hard to get it done this month, but I’ll do what I can. Beast tribes in general are a good quick way to earn XP every day without having to work too hard at it.