FFXIV 5.3 Preliminary Patch Notes Highlights

They’re finally here! 5.3 Preliminary Patch notes!

I have to say that I’ve not seen a FFXIV patch where MSQ had so many people on the edge of their seats. The writers have done well to capture so much attention and put it on story.

So I’m not going to talk about MSQ here aside from saying that I, too, am interested in seeing how this turns out. Let’s see what else takes my interest in this patch!


YES! Finally! I actually have a few characters still in ARR story that I want to test this out on just to see what’s been changed. A fantastic change for new players, especially!

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! Nothing more to say about that. Just absolute yay!

I really want this dance… but I have a feeling it’s going to be tied to relic and the new Hrothgar area.

Oh! New players (and anyone running new players through AV) thank you!

Excellent! I’m looking forward to seeing what all is on this vendor and how useful this will be.

YAAAAAAAAAAAAY! We’ve needed this for YEARS! So many times I have to open a wiki just to know if some material I’ve been keeping is important. I have a feeling I’m going to be cleaning out retainers after this patch.

Oh! More deliveries! I just started this quest line last night, so I’m glad to know I’m going to need it for this. Gonna finish this up this weekend!

Thank you! I was always confused why it didn’t already work that way.

YES! What a time saver!

Thank you!


New beast tribe quests are always nice. The only reason this didn’t get a YAY! is because it’s strictly for crafters. At this point, most crafters who are serious about leveling have probably hit max level due to the Ishgard Reconstruction. I’m sure that are some who haven’t, but I dunno. Just seems redundant. I’ll still do them though because I always do and because there’s mounts involved.

Oh, excellent. I haven’t done leves in a while, but it was a pain to always have to dismount.

Not a huge fan of the that housing wall design, but I get what it’s going for. It’s always nice to have more things to craft in the workshop. Also, more sub stuff. I’m still leveling our FC sub, but it’s nice to see the sub level cap rise!

Some neat looking pieces have been added this time around. I’m always up for more furniture!

I think these are the last two that needed mannequins, right? Good to see them!

Ah, so the cute shirts are the new crafted glamour. I like them, but that means they’ll be so expensive I won’t be able to afford them for a while. not a fan of the skirt, though.

I really like this! As a not-so-expert crafter, there’s been so many times I’m unsure if I can HQ something. Now I can test it and see what rotations I can put towards it without losing material. Very nice!


I’m looking forward to seeing this system. Sounds like fun!

Crystal increase is really needed!

This is also much needed!

This is VERY cute. I can’t see myself using it all the time, but I’m sure I’ll play around with it.

Thank you! I actually do still have this on a number of characters.


New Game+ for… job, gathering and crafting quests? Okay. Well, I guess someone might want to relive those quests for some reason. More options are better right?

I really have no interest in this at all, but for those who do, I hope the unreal battles are everything you want them to be.

Hmm… going to have to see what this means when this gets here.


I don’t mind them removing the collectable turn-in (kinda a shame) or not making it rotate. But removing it from the Timers window is a bummer. I use that to know what I need to craft – now we have to do what… run all the way to a town to talk to an NPC to remember what’s what? I guess if they don’t change and there’s not collectablity (?) that’s not terrible. Still not sure how that’s going to work though.


An extremely exciting patch with a lot of huge QOL in ARR story revamp and flight. Not to mention all the great additions, QOL fixes and… yeah. Everything is just getting better!