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FFXIV: Dwarf Beast Tribe & New Glamour

Of all the things I could talk about when it comes to Patch 5.3, the topic I choose to start with is beast tribe quests and glamours. Sounds about right!

This is also an effort to be kind to folks who may not have finished MSQ yet. I don’t want to go into story elements just yet because the story is actually a main and passionate focus for a lot of people since Shadowbringers started.

It’s quite amazing to see the community attitude move from “we’re getting more MSQ just like always” to “I HAVE TO KNOW WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN NEXT IN THE MSQ!”. Caps were intentional.


Let me say that first, it’s hard to view Dwarves as “Beast Tribes” but I understand that this is just the overall term for these kind of quests. So what can you do?

Secondly, these quests are for crafters only, level 70 and above. I’m kinda scratching my head at that since I feel like most anyone who really wanted to level crafting would have done so with the Ishgard Restoration.

Experience-wise, I get absolutely nothing for doing these daily quests. Yet, I’m doing them on two characters every day. Why? In a couple words: the fluff.

Not only are there minions and housing items to be had, but there’s a dance emote and a mount (likely the tank). So there’s a lot of nice fluff to earn from seeing these quests out.

The quests are quick to do and fairly simple to craft. The storyline has been really cute too, continuing a quest series that you undertook back during the original Shadowbringers expansion in helping a certain Dwarf find his Lali Ho.

As with all newer beast tribe quests, you’re building up an area that changes over time. You’re also building up connections between the characters in the story and watching some minor development in that area. Overall, just a pleasant thing to log in and do each day.

Another thing that dropped with this patch was a new set of crafter gear. I was a bit meh on this at first since I only just got geared and melded enough last patch to be able to make anything worthwhile. It’s always been a long struggle of mine to gear up my main crafter — I’ve completely given up on trying to do it on my alt (aside from the relics).

I was in no spot to try to craft this set myself — I watched someone better geared than I struggle with it — so I just plunked down some gil and bought most the set instead. It wasn’t terribly expensive, but the most important part is that I really like how it looks!

After changing races on my main, I’ve been looking at my glamours a whole lot more. One set that I was unhappy with was my crafting set — I’d never bothered to glamour over the previous set at all. So it was already on my mind to think about changing how her crafting gear looked… and then this came around.

So while I was a bit wincy at having to replace my gear all over again, I somewhat justified it by telling myself I was also buying it for the looks! I might go in for a turquoise dye on it eventually. It just depends.


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4 thoughts on “FFXIV: Dwarf Beast Tribe & New Glamour

  1. I logged in and did the event on my character and on my daughter’s to get the dance and the outfit, but I’ve not done anything beyond that yet. TBH, I forgot that the Dwarf tribe was added….

    Time to start logging back in it seems. And FWIW, I leveled my crafting jobs without using Ishgard either. It went so quickly with just the Facet stuff and a few leves here and there that I didn’t feel the need to supplement xp from Ishgard.

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    1. I’m trying to remember but I think I had all but 2 or 3 crafting jobs leveled on my main when the restoration stuff came out. Crafting became silly easy to level at that point, though gathering still requires some time.


      1. I actually leveled my gatherers 1st. Took me about 5 hours for mining as I had to remember how to do it. Took about 4 hours as botanist since I now knew what I was doing. And took about 2.5 hours as fisher becuz get to 76, then go spearfishing in the Greatwood for a half-hour then turn in the triple-leves from that and bam, 80 in 10 minutes.

        AFAIC, that was really trivial — I did all 2 in a single day on a weekend. The actual crafting classes took more like 3 days apiece without Ishgard, and the one class in each “Facet Group” that could do the facet quests shot right up, while the others might need a bit of gathering and leve quests, was all. Would have been faster if I hadn’t blown all my leve allowances on mining, tbh…. 😉


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