FFXIV: Moonfire Faire 2020

It feels like ever since 5.3 dropped, it’s been one event after another in FFXIV. And I’m late to writing about all of them.

As of this post, Moonfire Faire has a few days left to it before it winds down and The Rising begins. So there’s still some time to grab the rewards if you haven’t done the quests yet!

Speaking of rewards, not only do we get a nice dance emote, but also a fully dye-able summer outfit and outside housing decoration as well! It’s not often we get so many things during the same event, and all of this is easy to get.

There’s no jump puzzles or obstacle courses like there has been the past two years. When I pointed out I was surprised these didn’t return, an in-game friend noted that flying in ARR zones would make the jump puzzle trivial.

I face-palmed when I realized. I hadn’t even thought about that.

Instead, we get an event FATE, but it has nothing to do with battle. No, in fact, all you do is dance. This time around, a giant shark is threatening the fun of the Faire, and the bombards are to the rescue!

You guide the bombard based on the type of dance move you perform – one powers it up and another keeps it healed when the shark attacks it. Basically, you just stay out of the red circles and dance.

The FATE appears to spawn pretty quickly, and I’ve almost always seen people out there doing it. You need to fully complete it twice to get all the tokens needed for the full outfit and will have enough left over to pick up the lawn decoration if you get gold both times.

Of course, since more than one new dance was released (we also got the Bee’s Knees with 5.3), that lead to a number of dance-offs in the early days of the Faire.

At night, the summer fireworks have returned, and will stick around until the end of The Rising, which is the anniversary event that starts the very day after the Moonfire Faire ends.

That’s not even mentioning the YoKai event that started last week. I’ll talk about that in another post!