FFXIV: YoKai Watch Event Returns!

-Helpful spreadsheet for farming YoKai weapons here!-

Ironically, just about a month ago, I was lamenting the fact that my RP character, Amon, did not have the Whisper mount from the YoKai Watch event. Of my 8 characters on Mateus, there were only three who had not existed during the time the event rolled around for a second time.

Well, imagine my surprise when an updated version of this event was announced! Not only does this event add four new minions and weapons, but it’s heavily nerfed the original event.

To give you an example, the cost of Minions are:

  • 1 Medal for the first minion
  • 3 Medals for each minion thereafter

It takes getting gold on 48 FATEs while wearing the YoKai watch item to do this.

As for weapons, the costs are:

  • 5 Legendary Medals for the first weapon
  • 10 Legendary Medals for the each thereafter

I pulled this chart from the old YoKai Watch event spreadsheet. This is what it was for previous versions of this event:

Add to that the fact that Legendary Medals feel like they drop a lot more quickly, and it’s a much more accessible version of this event by far.

The opening day of the event, I decided to take Amon out to hunt the weapons that I felt would be the hardest to get after the FATE rush died down. The newest weapons require you to do FATES in Heavensward and Stormblood areas, so that’s what I did.

It took me roughly 4 hours to complete these weapons and I had way more than enough Medals for all the minions by the time I was done.

I spent the next two nights on my other two characters who did not have the Whisper mount, mostly in Western La Noscea. Hanging around the Sahagin area netted a pretty constant trickle of FATEs. I didn’t even bother with lower level FATEs because those were still dying too fast to the throng.

It takes somewhere around two hours of farming to get all 48 Medals needed for all of the minions. So I knocked that out on the other two characters, one each night.

At this point, I’m going back on the rest of my characters to at least get the additional new minions. This requires 12 FATEs, and really takes no time at all. It’s just mustering up the motivation to do yet more FATEs. XD

There is a new mount you can get if you end up collecting all of the weapons. You can also still get the second Whisper mount for collecting the first 13. I’m not sure if I’m going to go after those or not. I might. I have until patch 5.4 to do it if I do!