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August 2020 Gaming Goals in Review

It’s the end of another month, so let’s see how the goals turned out this time around! While I didn’t hit everything on my list, I am pretty happy with what I achieved this month.

  • Finish leveling Samurai and do job quest 
  • Level Dragoon via Beast Tribes 
  • Ishgard Restoration Quests 
  • Amon – Crafter Relics 
  • Amon – Dancer Quests 
  • Amon – Hildibrand 
  • Tad – Level to 70 via Beast Tribes & Roulettes 
  • Ben – Level via Beast Tribes & Roulettes 
  • Zuri – Progress through Stormblood 

I’m pleased to say that I finished leveling Sam on my main and am working on Dragoon currently. I should finish up Dragoon shortly and start on Ninja next!

I also completed all of the Restoration quests on my two crafters, which was needed to unlock the new weekly turn-ins! So that was worth it.

I completely finished leveling Tad to 70, and Ben is sitting at level 67 right now. So they’re both about ready to start Shadowbringers! Zuri, however, kinda got lost in all of this. It’s really hard to pick up Stormblood again for whatever reasons, but I do want to power her through – maybe next month.

Amon had all kinds of progress (finally). I realized I was a lot further behind on Dancer quests than I knew, but got all those finished. I also finally finished the last Hildibrand quest and got him the Mambo.

Over this weekend, I made a huge effort to complete all of his crafting relics as well. That was about 4-5 tools and hours worth of time. I eventually had to break down and just make macros in the end. But I got it all done!

I also upgraded Amon’s crafting gear – which was an unplanned fluke. But hopefully I can make back some of the gil I spent on upgrading it all through a few timely crafts? We’ll see!

Overall, it was a good month for goals! Now I’m going to have to figure out what exactly I’m working on next month!


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