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September 2020 Gaming Goals

Yet another month has come and gone in this year, and September begins!

This is actually a month where I feel like most of the tiny goals I’ve had hovering over my head have been taken care of. I’m finally up to date on things like job quests on most of my characters. So most of these are going to be somewhat overarching larger goals that I just want to make progress on.


  • Finish leveling Dragoon to 80 and do job quest
  • Start leveling Ninja
  • Finish Patch 5.3 content on Main
  • Do Trusts on Tank (?)
  • Finish leveling Ben to 70 and do job quests
  • Zuri – Progress through Stormblood 
  • Decorate some FC rooms

I’m sad to say that I keep putting off the patch 5.3 content on my Main, mostly because I really don’t want to have to run that trial again. But I need to get it done this month, and I probably will. I do not want to be behind a patch on my main by any means!

Aside from that, I’m just finishing up leveling Dragoon and starting on Ninja. I’d also like to finish leveling my second set of Trust characters by working up a tank. But that really depends on how much energy I have to run Trust dungeons every night.

Ben is pretty close to level 70 on Red Mage, which means he’ll be able to start Shadowbringers. I just need to finish that up and do all his job quests.

I’d like to get Zuri moving through Stormblood, even if that just means clearing one zone this month. I don’t know why it’s like pulling teeth to do that expansion.

I’ve started decorating Tad’s FC room, and I’m having fun doing it. So I’d like to see if I couldn’t decorate a few more. I do have themes and ideas for each of them!

We’ll see how much of this gets done, especially with a new Restoration patch right around the corner. I may end up just getting dragged away to the Diadem for a while this month.


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