October 2020 Gaming Goals

I’m happy that October is finally here! The weather is starting to cool off and the fall/Halloween vibes are some of my favorite. It’s time to break out decorations in all areas – IRL, Second Life, FFXIV, Animal Crossing.

I do have a few light goals for this month, so let’s get to them!


  • Finish leveling Ninja to 80 and do job quest 
  • Start leveling a Tank
  • Clean up quests in the First
  • Level Tad’s gatherers with beast tribe quests
  • Do crafting/gathering quests in the Mean
  • Progress Zuri through Stormblood
  • Level Mocho’s Paladin

So I’m almost done with all my DPS leveling on my main. All I’ll have left are the tanks. One thing I want to do, since I’m getting closer to finishing my job leveling, is clean up all the quests that are hanging around on the First. May as well get that extra XP and put it to use somewhere.

Speaking of quests, I never finished the series of crafting/gathering quests in the Crystarium. I’d like to do that and see what stories they have.

Back to progress with Zuri some more. I just got her through Doma Castle last night, and she’s half a level shy of hitting 70. So if I can keep pushing forward at this rate, I should be able to get her through Stormblood base game. I’d love to go much further than that, but we’ll see what kind of time I have.

And a little side project that came out of nowhere: leveling Mocho’s Paladin. When I was running Frontline roulette for Tad to get some glamour for him, I discovered this was a really good way to level a job if you didn’t want to run dungeons with them. I’m not the best at PvP, and really not the greatest when it comes to PvP with a tank, but I’ve jumped him from level 31 to 35 in two days with two runs of Frontline roulette. So I’ll keep trying it this month!

Nintendo Switch

What’s this… goals other than FFXIV? Am I nuts? No, not really. Just in the mood for Halloween. There’s a couple things I’d like to do:

  • Decorate Animal Crossing Island for fall/Halloween
  • Play horror game on Switch

So, Animal Crossing is kicking off Halloween starting today, and I’m really stoked about it. I’d like to put some time into doing stuff I haven’t around there – namely, decorating my island.

Also, I know I’ve picked up some horror games on the Switch in the past. I’d like to actually sit down with one sometime during this month. I really need to spend more time with my poor Switch, even though I do log in to Animal Crossing almost every day.

So that’s what I’ve got on my mind to do this month!