FFXIV: Tales from the Duty Finder – Getting Burned

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So you may know that I’ve been struggling my way through Stormblood on my Zuri alt with varying degrees of success. Generally, I make progress on her before other FC folks get online and want to do other things. This means that I’m usually in a PUG group for the dungeons, which I already am less than enthusiastic about playing.

Last night, I got to The Burn. This dungeon has a pretty tough final boss for an at-level party in general, not to mention a PUG with new folks in it. I wasn’t looking forward to it at all, but seeing I only had two dungeons left until I’m free of this struggle, I pushed forward.

Things seemed okay at the start. The healer (and I believe the tank) was new. That’s fine, though it might mark trouble for the last fight.

I noticed on the first and second boss fight that our healer wasn’t responding well to mechanics. Standing in the red, not knowing where to go, not following the party when we were obviously moving to a location for a specific reason, etc. I also noticed she had a love of AOE healing – I’m not sure if she did single heals – and I don’t recall her doing any DPS.

But she did heal… even if that’s all she did. And DPS was fine, so that didn’t bother me.

When the trouble began was at the last boss – Mist Dragon. Without the extra healer DPS, there were some close calls on the DPS checks. But then things really got troublesome.

About halfway through the fight, I got encased in ice and died from the debuff. So I sat and waited for a rez.

And sat. And waited.

And sat. And waited.

I watched her standing over there throwing out an occasional heal on the remaining two members, while I was dead on the ground. She was not pressed for time or even needing to heal super hard – no major mechanics were happening. She simply didn’t even attempt to rez me.

I asked for a rez in party chat. I got none. Just her over there throwing heals.

All I could do was sit and watch. I noticed we had full limit break bars, and suggested a DPS limit break. But the dragoon went down before that could happen – we were something like 10% at that point on the boss.

And she didn’t rez him either. At that point I was like… what the heck – seriously? A healer who appears not to know how to rez in a level 70 dungeon?

I started to get a little frustrated at that point (I’m so done with Stormblood, seriously). While I tried not to be mean, I did make my displeasure known as we all wiped to something that was totally avoidable… if the healer had only brought the DPS back to life…. you know… like healers are supposed to do.

Then the first thing she said in the whole run was something about someone using a limit break. The tank thought a 2 bar limit break was going to bright the party back to life. And I explained that only a 3 bar healer limit break could do that (8 man party).

By that time, I already had a FC unsynced run in my pocket if I needed, but decided to give it another chance. I don’t know why.

So, we waited as the healer…. ran all the way back through the dungeon to the last boss without using the shortcut to quick-warp to the end. At this point, I fully realized we were dealing with someone who knew absolutely nothing about what they were doing and should not be in a level 70 dungeon.

We proceeded to wipe again as she died first this time to mechanics. At this point, I was ready to drop group as politely as I could. No one was giving grief or being nasty towards her – this time I didn’t even say anything.

She rezzed back to start and promptly dropped the dungeon of her own will after we were all dead. We got a healer replacement immediately and went on to beat the boss just fine afterwards.

For all my frustration, I got a commendation. Go figure?

I then went to look up this healer on Lodestone, and sure enough… everything about her character looked of a purchased level-jumped and story-jumped individual. So she bought a level 70 character (that had both healer and DPS options), and chose to go into a level 70 dungeon as a healer without knowing how to play that job, aside from the fact that she needed to heal.

Please… please… If you’re a new player, get some experience with your job under your belt and learn what your job’s responsibilities are before you level skip and try to take on level 70 content. Especially if you’re a healer or a tank. This content can sometimes be tough for people who already have game experience!

This is why Stormblood needs Trusts. Period. I have a couple more characters that eventually need to get through this content. I’m debating whether to just give up on it or hope and pray Trusts come to Stormblood.

Or pick up a really good sale on story jumps sometime in the future… but it’s a shame I feel like I need to skip content just to enjoy the game.

4 responses to “FFXIV: Tales from the Duty Finder – Getting Burned”

  1. If this is a new player, it is quite possible she doesn’t know you can rez while in combat. Especially if she came from a game where this is not possible.

    The conversation didn’t explain this either. Rereading the conversation, it seems both tank and healer don’t know you can rez in combat.

    Sadly enough, both FFXIV and other mmos do a really bad job explaining people how to do their jobs in dungeons. Nothing in the open world prepares you for it. The leveling roulette is a disaster for educational purposes as well, consistently dumping you in low dungeons where you have 2 or 3 abilities. It is really easy to level yourself pretty high while just coasting on base or no knowledge.


    • I’m pretty sure this is the case, but I didn’t know that she didn’t understand that concept until after the fact. When I looked at her character, she had one level 70 job and all the Scaevan gear that you get with a shop-bought level-boosted character. She didn’t level this far, she just purchased a level 70 character that she didn’t know how to play.

      I’m not trying to beat down this healer, but this is really the case of doing some research before you go into high level content on a high-level character you just bought from the Mogstation. Especially as a healer. I love the level boosts for folks who already know how to play… for new players, it’s not such a great thing. I feel like there needs to be some sort limitation. Such as you can’t be a sprout anymore if you want to buy a level boost, or at least have a certain amount of time played before it’s an option.

      I was flabbergasted at the idea that someone wouldn’t know to rez in a level 70 dungeon – granted, I rarely, rarely play with PUGs. So I admit that I didn’t even think to explain what this meant in the heat of the moment. On the other hand, neither did the healer ask what I meant after I told her that when someone dies, she has to bring them up.


      • Scaeven gear is poetics too though, quite possible she just bought a set too, thats what I did when reaching one of the leveling tresholds. Not to say that she isn’t boosted though. Personally I don’t mind the level boosts, just playing the game normally and leveling through roulette will give you almost no experience with how to play your class anyway. That needs to come from research outside of the game and through talking to other players, because the game itself does a horrible job at explaining things.

        I mean, even at mist dragon, which is a pretty rough and obtuse boss mechanically, you almost managed first try with a healer and tank who were new and not up to date on the meta in FFXIV and barebone class knowledge. The game just does not require much knowledge, and it is pretty easy to just squeeze through with sheer luck.


        • It’s possible. But there were other signs that this was a boosted character. This included very limited mounts and minions, basically only what you’d get if you’d only boosted a character through the MSQ – someone actually playing the game would certainly have more variety in minions at least. Having unaugmented Scavian gear (and the exact side ring you get with the set for boosting) when the merchants now outright sell the augmented (granted, you could say she bought it all before that change but…).

          Is it possible she leveled all the way through? Maybe. But I’m pretty convinced she did not by watching the way she played.

          Not to mention, by the time I reached this dungeon, I was level 72 just due to naturally overleveling that happens in the post patch experience. I didn’t run anything extra for this character to add to my leveling during all of Stormblood. Not even side quests as I was totally focused on pushing through the story.

          This healer was level 70. Another sign that this was not a naturally leveled character.

          Aside from that, I do agree you can slide through the game without knowing everything about your job. But in all the 7 years I’ve played FFXIV, this is the first time I’ve run across a healer who did not know what their rez was at level 70. Level 20-something, I could see this happening. I feel pretty confident to say that if this person really did level through ARR, HW and SB, somewhere down the line, in one dungeon, raid or something, someone had to have died in their party and would have promptly requested a rez just like this.

          The only way that didn’t happen before the Mist Dragon was for this individual to have purchased a skip. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. 🙂


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