FFXIV: Done with Stormblood (Again)

I’ve been pretty burned out with the struggle to get through Stormblood on yet another character. I’ve been working on finishing this up on Zuri for a while now. I’d left her in Yanxia for the better part of a year and finally, the last couple of months, I’ve put my nose to getting her out of that expansion and into Shadowbringers.

It’s been a painful ride, mostly because I elected to try to do it all by my self and not ask FC folks for much help with the string of dungeons and trials. You all know how much I utterly dislike dungeons and trials. The only exception was Tuskuyomi, which I waited over 30 mins in queue for as DPS, and broke down to ask for a Healer-boost queue.

Running dungeons with PUGs in Stormblood reinforces my absolute dislike for the forced dungeon interruptions in the MSQ design. It reinforces the need for Trusts earlier in the game, as well. If there’s content that really needs more options, it’s the Stormblood stuff.

Folks (including me) just don’t know/remember Stormblood content very well, I’ve found. This has been a consistent thing through just about every party that I’ve gotten in all of the leveling and MSQ dungeons I’ve run.

Wipes were very common, often due to undergeared tanks pulling too much too fast. Issues with people who bought story and level skips and don’t know their jobs. Things like that. Don’t even start me on the number of wipes we had just to clear Shinryu.

In the end, we did beat the content, though. I suppose much of what you’re hearing is me being completely jaded with Stormblood on my 4-5th time through. I’m completely done with it… even though I have a few more characters that need to clear it. I’ll figure out what I’m going to do with them when I get there.

For now, I have two characters just newly come to the First. Boy do I love Trusts!

Congrats, Zuri. You made it!