2021 Gaming Goals for the Year

Happy New Year and welcome to 2021!

I have lots of goals I’d like to see through this year, but here’s my list of gaming goals in particular. Many of them echo last year’s goals in some way, as I seek to do better on what I started in 2020.

Spend Less on Games

I’m pretty serious about this goal this year. I have soooo many games and until I get some of my backlist cleared out, I really don’t need more. So this goal is twofold:

  • Buy less new games
  • Spend less in cashshops

There are some things I plan to pick up one way or another (House Flipper DLC), but aside from that, I will work to keep spending to a minimum. I want to maintain my Xbox PC Pass and utilize it as a way to prevent purchasing games I can try out there. This doesn’t cover every game, of course, but I hope it will be a help.

FFXIV Progress

I’m very close to my amaro mount on my main. I just have two jobs left to level, which I hope I will do this month. So I’m going to lump it under making progress in FFXIV in general rather than making it a full goal on its own.

Aside from that, I’d like to make progress on my alts who are in various stages of Shadowbringers. Though we don’t know for sure if an expansion is coming out this year, if one is on the way, I’d like to get my alts as far as their gear Ilvl will allow.

Steam Backlog – Get to 60% Played

Though I want to buy less games this year, if I do buy games on Steam, I want to try to play them fairly close to the date of purchase. If nothing else, to make sure they work and that I don’t need a refund!

Anyhow, this year I’m still sitting at 54% of my backlog played. I’d like to try AGAIN to get this to at least 60%.

I’m not sure how many games that will take to achieve this. But, I know I have a number of games that I just need to “clear” because either they’re not something I’d play (I just got them in a bundle or something), they’ve been abandoned by devs since I got the game, or whatever the reason.

Get My Switch Backlog Under Control

This time last year I had trouble even seeing what was on my Switch backlog. I’ve found a bit of a solution for that now.

With that part of it squared away, I want to work on playing the games in my Switch backlog – yes, this means playing more than just Animal Crossing! I have a LOT of great games on my Switch that I really want to get to.

Utilize Xbox Game Pass

Last year, I got three months of Xbox Game Pass for the PC free. I’ve been curious about the service, so I decided to try it out. My thoughts are that this may allow me to try out and play games at a very low cost instead of buying the game at full cost. If I really love the game, then I know I should pick it up.

There are several games on the Game Pass that were on my wishlists or was something I was interested in checking out. So, as far as I see it, it’s worth it.

Will I continue to use this service throughout the year? We’ll find out!

Do More Gaming Blogging

Not a gaming goal, but related to it. Last year, I put a lot of my focus on my Spot of Mummery blogging rather than posting here as much as I had in past years. I’m going to make every effort to put more time into this blog for 2021.

I’ve got a whole slew of topics I want to write about to start with. So be looking for more content here in 2021! Starting with… this post!

What kind of gaming goals do you have for 2021? How did you do in 2020?