Do You Know Your Gamer Motivations?

Do You Know Your Gamer Motivations?

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In a previous post, I mentioned a couple of matrix used to consider a gamer’s interest and motivation. It just so happened I was reminded in a post from The Ancient Gaming Noob (thank you!) about the Quantic Foundry’s Gamer Motivation Profile.

By taking a short online quiz, you can discover more about what your gaming interests are through a pretty cool in-depth report on your gamer type. If you sign up for an account on the site (you don’t have to – you can do it as a guest without an account), you can save your results, take the quiz again at a future time, and explore various other interesting topics across the site.

I’ve taken the quiz before in 2015/2016 – I believe back when it was version 1 – and it was no where near as in-depth as it is now. You can peek at my old scores here on my other blog.

So, as a MMO player who has proclaimed that I value creativity, some social interaction and immersion, what do I get when I take the Gamer Motivation Profile quiz?

Well, this is fitting. Especially since Amon (my main RP personality) is a bard!

Here’s a few more interesting bits:

This is pretty close to some of the scores I had before. But this time, the Foundry also provides secondary motivations.

I feel like this gives a much more in-depth idea of motivations, actually, despite being labeled secondary.

You can see my entire profile here, too, if you’d like!

So what’s your motivations for playing the games that you do – be they MMO games, app games or single player games? Why not drop by the Foundry and see what your profile says – let me know if it’s accurate for you!

And maybe, if you feel like you’ve been in a gaming rut lately, you’ll discover something about what motivates you that helps you determine if the game you’re playing is just not checking all the boxes for you. That happens sometimes, and there’s no shame in it. Remember, we play games to have fun, so if you’re just going through the motion in your MMO, or whatever game you’re playing, then maybe it’s time to access where you are and figure out if that’s where you should be.

Enjoy yourself and keep on gaming!

4 responses to “Do You Know Your Gamer Motivations?”

  1. I took the quiz, and it considered me a Gladiator, who favored, action, achievement and mastery. I can kind of see that in how I play, I’m constantly taking mental notes on how I can improve, regardless of game or role. In FFXIV, it’s pushing phases as hard as I can to maximize my output regardless of my role. While in something like Destiny, it’s constantly tinkering with my build, and how I can be more effective and efficient as both a teammate, and a Warlock. Like, for me, there’s always room for improvement, and finding new ways to push myself further. Maybe that’s my personal way of exploring, but I thought I’d be more of an explorer because of how I see myself, not by how I think and play.

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    • That’s an interesting outcome and self-assessment! If nothing else, the quiz did get you to thinking about your play style it seems!


  2. This is fascinating! I got as my primary type Bounty Hunter and secondary Slayer. After reading the type descriptions I find it appealing. Looking forward to trying their recommended games like BioShock and Assassin’s Creed, games I honestly never thought I’d care for

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    • Glad you might have found something new to try! I actually own one of the BioShock and a few Assassin’s Creed games – but they’re stuck somewhere in my backlog on Steam, I think! Depending on which one you pick, there are supposed to be good games in those series!

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