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The “Leaving Soon” Motivator

Am I the only one who feels motivation from seeing a game or movie in a streaming or subscription service is “Leaving Soon”? Things that were only passingly interesting to me suddenly end up at the top of my watch or play list.

This is the case for games on the Xbox Game Pass for me. I noted, for example, that the only reason I tried Sea Salt was because it was leaving soon. Though I haven’t written about it yet, I’m playing Gris for the same reason. I only have a few days left with that game, so I better get to it!

This is the same for seeing shows on my Watchlist suddenly flagged as “Available until (date)” on Netflix. I’m not much of a binge watcher, and usually like to take my time with shows and movies. However, I’m currently watching through as many episodes of Bates Motel as I can because after next month, it’ll be gone.

I don’t respond that way to everything, I notice. There was some other Netflix series (I can’t remember what) on my Watchlist that was flagged as leaving the same day. Seeing that Bates Motel has 5 seasons, and the other was fairly long, too, I knew due to time constraints, I’d have to choose one or the other. So I removed that one — which must not have been a big deal because I don’t even remember the name. 🙂

Anyhow, being new to a subscription games-as-a-service, I kinda like the motivation that “Leaving Soon” gives me to try something out. I find myself checking back on the Xbox app for not just what’s coming in but what’s going out and adjusting my choice of games based on that.

I still feel as if the Xbox Game Pass is a good setup for someone with my sort of gaming habits. I haven’t actually started paying for it yet, seeing I had a 3 month free trial, but when I do, I hope to get value from it for a while.

What’s your experience with games or movies that are “leaving soon?” Does this motivate you to play or watch stuff you might have only been mildly interested in before?


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6 thoughts on “The “Leaving Soon” Motivator

  1. I know the pain of saving up some films on prime only to see them move back to pay-to-rent.

    I am quite old fashioned and so used to paying for games that I would naturally have a slight suspicion regarding why a game is free. Then again, seeing some of the amazing titles out there temporarily on a free these days, I think my bank account would approve!

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    1. Even though I have Prime, I keep forgetting to check the free movies there! I’m terrible!

      This is also my first try at a subscription game service, and there are really a number of top rate games – which influenced my choice to try it out. A few games were on my Steam Wishlist. Well, now I can try them in another way and if I really like them, I can buy them (when on sale, of course).


  2. We did watch Knives Out on Amazon Prime recently because it was about to leave the service. Warnings do prompt me to get on and watch things I’d meant to watch but hadn’t gotten around to but it wouldn’t make me watch (or play) something if i wasn’t already planning to do so. I tend to assume things will come back round eventually, anyway, so unless I’m really keen I wouldn’t worry about missing out.

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    1. I don’t know how all the licensing stuff works when it comes to things like Netflix and other subscription services, which probably has everything to do with whether those shows come back around to the service. Netflix seems to be all about making its own content now, rather than paying to someone else for permission to air stuff. I suppose that makes sense in the long run.


  3. I have almost the opposite reaction!

    For Shows / Movies, I think this is mostly because i don’t tend to wait for something I actually want to see long enough for it to show up in this list. So at best, generally, anything I do spot on these lists is of middling interest.

    And in this case if it was a movie I might flick it on. If it’s a TV series though and I’m trying to catch it from the beginning, no way. I’m not going to risk starting and then not being able to finish. 😛

    That latter point is my thinking for games on the various subscription services too.

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    1. I’m just such a pack rat that I have backlogs on everything. If I see something mildly interesting, I drop it on my Watchlist/Wishlist. Then I forget about it because I honestly am terrible about getting my monthly money’s worth out of Netflix. I tend to spent way too much time in games and not watching shows. So then I see something that’s leaving soon and quickly try to watch it before it disappears! This happened with a lot of the movies that went over to Disney Plus – I don’t think I ever got to finish all of the Avengers series, even. 😦

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