Black Desert Online: I’m on a Wagon!

Black Desert Online: I’m on a Wagon!

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My stay in BDO seems to be a thing as I’ve been taking every advantage of the 30 days on the welcome-back server to do some leveling and work on my horse training/breeding.

Last night, I finally invested in a wagon so that I can train four horses at once. This is something I’ve been wanting to try for a while, and seeing I have more silver than I know what to do at this point, I straight up bought one.

And what do you know? The day after I did, they started an event that increases horse leveling. I’ll take it!

For a short bit, I was trying to level my Shai (who is now my main Aywren) to catch up with my ex-main in terms of battle and horse training. But then I discovered that the riding outfit I picked up for my ex-main (she’s now taken the name Zuri) long ago is bound to her and she has Professional level training.

So instead of trying to surpass that, I chose just to leave Zuri as my main trainer. This works as that means I never really need to level her beyond what she is now, or beyond 49 if I feel like I want to push her that far, and she’ll always be safe to AFK train without worry of PK.

My new Shai main just got her name switch today after maintenance.

It’s odd how BDO does name changes. You can roll another alt with the name you want and purchase a name switch – which does just that – switches the name between the two characters.

However, this doesn’t go into place until the game comes down for maintenance, which I find odd. So, I’ve been waiting for the name switch since last week, and finally it just happened during maintenance today!

I’m in love with my Shai and I’ve been working diligently on leveling her. Though, this is going far faster than I ever expected.

I logged in last night at level 27. I had a few hours to dedicate to leveling, and my hopes were to get her to 30 at least. By the end of the night, she’d skyrocketed to level 41 instead!! And I wasn’t working very hard to make that happen!

My goal has been to get my two new characters – Aywren and Amon – to at least 49 before I no longer have access to the Olvia servers. At this rate, I shouldn’t have any problem doing that, it seems.

Amon is sitting at level 21 right now. I invested in a nice costume for him because it’s everything that he needs to be in BDO.

Not to mention, I earned the Bard title. So while he can’t actually be a bard in this game, he can at least wear the title for it.

I know that in the higher levels things change in this game drastically. But for now, I’m just cruising through the main storyline (which I still find interesting even though it’s not well written) and leveling my horses AFK throughout the day.

Once I’m at 49.999, I’ll make my choices on what to do with my characters. I’m not sure that I’m that worried about battle life after 50 just yet. I’m also interested in looking at the Season Characters once the spring season opens up. It just depends on how much time I want to put into the game at that point.

Right now, I’m having fun with what I’m doing, though. Hoping to breed some T6 horses this week!

11 responses to “Black Desert Online: I’m on a Wagon!”

  1. With the main storyline, I suspect it’s not so much that it’s not well-written as that it’s not well-translated. In fact, the text and dialog in so many imported mmorpgs that I’ve played feels so (non-)idiomatically similar I wonder if they don’t all use the same uatomated translation process. I don’t think they’ve quite run the original through Google Translate but I’m equally convinced very little has been hand-translated.

    It always puzzles me why they do this. They could literally get a natural-born English speaking student to turn the auto-translated text into idiomatic English for virtually nothing. Or they could crowd-source it and get it done free. Almost anything would be better than the machine-English they all seem happy to use.

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    • Yeah, that’s what I meant – not well translated. Which is a shame because it has a really interesting progression/concept to it. If just a little more time had been spent on the translation, it could have really stood out. Either way, I’m still interested enough to be on board to see where it goes.


  2. Actually, the game doesn’t change much beyond level 50, if at all.

    Believe me, if anyone’s telling you open PvP is much of a thing in this game they’re telling fairytales. I will say however that keeping your main horse trainer at 49 is indeed a good idea, because some people do like to smash merchant wagons AFK-rolling through unprotected territory.

    I feel the one point where the game kind of changes somewhat is at 56, because Awakening alters the way a class plays quite dramatically. I liked my Striker up to 56…but I LOVE him since he’s awakened. And no worries, if you end up not liking your awakening skills you can stick with the old ones and beef those up – I believe that path is called Succession.
    Btw, you do know that your Shai gets to actually play music on various instruments once she’s awakened, right…?

    In any case, unless life skills are absolutely the only thing you’re interested in you’re severely restricting yourself by keeping your main character below 50, and, again, there really isn’t much of a reason to do so anyway.

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    • Yeah, I knew about the Shai playing music as the awakened class, it was another reason I wanted to play one! ๐Ÿ™‚

      What I meant by the game changing is… I’ve heard after 50 the game becomes focused on massive grinding of monsters to level up. Again, this is just the impression I got. I also hear that everything is hinged on upgrading gear after a certain point (which I know nothing about). I’ve heard that the upgrade system can be pretty frustrating, but I have no idea when that part of it kicks in.

      Again, I’m a total noob. I have all these free black stones and chron stones and things they’re giving out in daily rewards. Though I try to look them up to make sense of what they are, none of it makes sense to me yet.

      Up until now, all I’ve been doing is following the main story and picking up a few quests on the side to level – because I have massive boosts, this has been super fast. I did a few of the “kill 180 orcs” stuff, and while I know grinding even at a lower level is the fastest way to level, that’s not been my approach.

      Are there still stories and quests after 50? Or is grinding really the only way to make it up? Any guides you could point me to would be appreciated so I can decide if this is something I want to put time into. I enjoy the life skill part of the game enough, and FFXIV remains my main MMO and time-sink. So, if BDO can just scratch my itch for horse breeding and housing and boats, I’m good with that, too!

      Thanks for your advice! ๐Ÿ™‚

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      • The quests pretty much never run out, at least that’s what it feels like to me. For example, I wanted to unlock the daily quests for one specific grind area recently and found that in order to do so I had to finish about 150 (!) more main quests first as I was lagging behind a lot. My quest log says that I have now completed over 2600 quests accountwide, and I basically play only two characters, one of which only does life skills…

        Mob grinding once used to be the only way to level above 50, but it’s different now. There’s a video-guide on YouTube that takes players from level 59 to 61 just by questing, for example (found it:, he also has videos for 1-56 and 56-59). In contrast, going from 59 to 61 through mob grinding takes an average player weeks if not months.
        Even now not all quests award combat XP though, but a lot do.

        Gear…well, yeah, if you want to be able to kill stuff in Valencia, Kamasylvia etc. you’ll need some. I have written some posts about it, however they aren’t really meant as guides, and partly outdated too. There are a lot of guides out there though. Unfortunately I have to agree that the process isn’t very fun.

        As an alternative, what you can always do is earn silver (a lot of it) with whatever method you prefer and buy enhanced gear on the marketplace. There actually are players who make a living by enhancing gear just to sell it.
        Personally, I’ve upgraded my Striker’s weapons and armor myself, but bought the accessories (and some I luckily got from events).

        The thing about the upgrading system is, while it can really hurt when upgrade attempts fail and such it actually isn’t that bad because, as you said, the game just showers players with so much stuff for free (well…for logging in and/or staying logged in) that I’ve never been in real danger to run out of any of those materials. As long as you don’t insist on having the best gear possible (which isn’t needed) it really isn’t that bad.

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        • This is all great to know! It seems a lot has changed since I’ve played and it makes me happy to learn that there’s more than just grinding to end game.

          I should have guessed that folks were talking about having the best gear possible with all that. Nah, all I want to be able to do is enjoy the game experience. So as long as I have gear that can do that, I’m happy with it. I’ll check out the videos you suggested, too. Thanks so much for the encouraging info!

          I hear a lot of folks talk about seasonal characters and getting good gear from that, too. I’m considering checking it out on down the line, but not until the new season comes around, of course.

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          • Another route to look into is the Seasonal Character stuff! The current season ends late March, I think — but the xp buffs for them is pretty crazy, and definitely helps if you’re looking to level new characters.

            They’re a really strange mix between what would be considered a seasonal character in other games and here, though! It confused me greatly to start with, but I’m so glad I jumped in.

            I think there is a post in there somewhere, especially with current season about to wrap up and new one coming soon. But for some bullets for you in the meantime:

            You get all knowledge/CP/workers, etc from your main accounts even on your seasonal character.
            Even Storage / Warehouse is shared with seasonal characters. In fact, in short it’s easier to say: Essentially anything shared with the ‘family’ is actually available to a Seasonal character.
            There are some gear limitations though — you can’t, for example, go out a buy a bunch of top-level gear and pull it out of storage for your seasonal character. Other than gathering/life gear — you have to use what you get from questing.
            However! As the trade-off for this, Seasonal characters are given new sets of gear with good stats and can be easily enhanced with Beginner Black Stones which become plentiful through the quest rewards for the earlier gear set (Naru) and then… I forget the currency name, but another type for the Tuvala gear which starts around Mediah questing I think.
            Once you ‘finish’ the season, you can convert your character to ‘normal’ and you earn a token to trade in for some boss gear, and once normal you can equip anything freely again.

            Hmm. I think those are the main things, but happy to answer any questions I can! I’m not super far along yet, just entering Calpheon. I have every slot as Naru gear now and have started being able to upgrade it from the stones on offer, but I haven’t started into the Tuvala stuff yet to see how that goes. But from what I understand it is relatively simple to upgrade as well.

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  3. Oh, oops, apologies — one other key bullet point didn’t add to last list: You can only have one seasonal character at a time. I assume (but haven’t verified this) that once you promote a character from seasonal to normal you could make another one if so inclined.

    Promotion is also limited as to when you can do it, but ‘Early promotion’ is available already for the current season. At end of season I think they take a ‘ready or not’ approach and push your character, wherever it happens to be up to, to ‘normal’. Hehe.

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      • It has been pretty great so far, I must say! I resisted doing the Seasonal character for a while because I misunderstood the season end date and thought it was much more imminent than it was.

        Also though, while still unverified, I’ve realised that actually it probably is truly just one character per season full stop even post promotion. Because there is actually a ‘season pass’ type thing, complete with free track and a premium track.

        You’re limited to one season pass purchase per season, so I can’t see how this might work with multiple if they did allow you to promote and then run another one. But I guess I’ll find out in a week or two with how things are going!


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