Valheim: Cart Adventures

I interrupt this series of Valheim progress posts for a story about… carts.

Once we got things in place to produce bronze, one of the first things that Amoon chose to do was build a cart. Carts are interesting things in Valheim. You have to stand in the exact right position to be able to hook it to your character, but when you do, you’ve attached a pretty significant travelling storage unit to yourself.

Note that carts can get damaged when they slam up against things. They’re super finicky, too, and not all that easy to pull into hilly or forested areas. I’ve seen a cart flip over (it doesn’t lose its inventory, thankfully) and even once where a cart sunk into the ground until we managed to flip it out of whatever weird void it had fallen into.

They aren’t the easiest things to maneuver, but they do make for good outside-the-base storage even when not travelling. We often use carts to gather stacks of wood and leave them next to the kiln for processing.

But for the first cart, I had better ideas…

My own personal transportation!

As long as the cart isn’t full of storage, you can sit down and have someone else do all the work of toting you around for a while. 🙂

Okay… okay. So I didn’t really use it for that (very long). I just thought it was funny that you could AFK and travel along with someone else. Proof that this game could do things like horses and wagons. Really!

Amoon’s main reason for setting up the cart was that we’d left much of our inventory back at the Meadows Base. We didn’t have portals set up until much later, so it seemed like a good idea to go back with a cart, fill it up, and transport all of our stuff to the new base. Easier than us all making several trips on foot.

Hearing how the cart could get snagged and tumbled by just about anything along the way, Syn was inspired to begin tamping out a path between the bases to make the return trip easier. I was completely on board with this because it reminded me of all the time I spend in Minecraft games digging up roads between towns that I find and upgrade.

I don’t ever really know why I do this in Minecraft. I just do it. And so it goes.

Absolutely the same vibe

Syn went ahead of me, tamping a very rough path. I came behind smoothing it out, mining up rocks and cutting trees. We only got about halfway between the bases before our hoes needed repair, of course, but it was a fun little experiment.

Amoon did use the path on the return run and it made things far easier, as we hoped. Path success!

Now that we have portals, however, I doubt this little road will ever fully be completed. The world in Valheim continues to grow and expand for us, and that little Meadow Base doesn’t seem like such a priority anymore – I’ll talk a bit about that in an upcoming post!