BDO: To Level 56 for the Third Time

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I’ve been trying to throw as much time as I’m able at BDO each night while the 1000% XP boost is active. Earlier this week, I finished leveling my Archer, Amon, to 56. I got him his Oasis gear and went through his Awakening questline.

Apparently, this wolf is friendly and shares something of the Archer’s past.

It was neat to venture into the realms of the Elves, which were his homelands, for the first time. I’m looking at some of the big houses there as a possibility for my main residence. The only problem is that the city feels so far away from everything else!

Overall, I enjoyed the Shai’s awakening quests more, but that’s to be expected.

The third character in my roster is Benjamin who was a wizard that I rolled not long after launch – back when they finally gave wizards a young appearance to choose from. This means that this character is locked into the original old main story quest line – something I didn’t know until I started messing around with him sometime last month.

Any characters rolled before the change to the main story retain the old main story up until you hit the quests for Mediah. At first, I thought to reroll him since he was only level 18 when I picked him up to level him for this event. But then, I decided I was curious to see how much the story had changed.

And boy has it changed quite a bit!

Not only does the old story take you through nooks and crannies (and stories related to these locations) that the new one never touches, but there’s lots of fully voiced cutscenes that were removed throughout the game as well. I puzzled about this because that seems a waste of resources.

These stories were interesting, though suffered poor translation, and somewhere in the middle of the storyline, they just vanished completely for some reason. I don’t know if it was a consequence of the new story revamp, but I never got to see the ending – what happened to Edan and company – that kind of thing.

The game suddenly flitted from this main story with cutscenes and characters to a series of quests that lead you from one point to another across the map to fight battles and kill things. Still, I’m glad that I went through the old scenarios because it seems that some of the titles you earn may be locked behind boss fights that you got there.

Also, it took me to places I’d not explored before during the new quest lines, so that opened up a lot of new knowledge and NPCs. Though the ending of the old storyline is a lot more lackluster than the new. Basically, after you go through quest after quest to kill stuff, the Black Spirit just tells you that you’re all done here.

Good job me!

The new storyline, in contrast, has you face down Kzarka and gives you a nifty cutscene – but no one really explains much about who this guy is until after the fact. The old version, they actually mention him several times and explain way ahead of time that this is a dark god… but then, you never see him or face him at all. Again, I don’t know if this was how the old story worked back in the day or if it’s just fragmented now (or if I missed something).

Anyhow, it’s done on Ben, and I’m now merged into the Mediah quests just like all the other characters I have. Following in the footsteps of those who came before, I poked around at the bandits near Altinova for a while last night and pushed Ben up to level 55.

So, getting him to 56 should be a bit more grind on bandits tonight. And then off to get his Oasis gear.

With all of my characters almost at the same point in the game, I’ve been working on the Chenga Tome quest line on the side. I’ve heard that this substantially increases quest rewards and is a viable way to level from 56 to 61. So obtaining that is a goal, as is starting to work on my lifeskills soon.

I don’t think grinding for silver or doing boss fights is going to be a viable playstyle for me, so I’m looking at ways that lifeskills can earn me the silver I need to look at upgrades eventually.

6 responses to “BDO: To Level 56 for the Third Time”

  1. Actually the luthraghons (male elves) came from a different dimension, ( the realm of Elvia), but the portal they used to come is in Kamasylvia (land of the female elf clans).
    They came through the portal, after Caphras, their traitor leader opened the doorway. The Kamasylvian elves, and the Luthraghons met the first time, but soon they lost the trust of the female clans ( because of Caprhas), so they were chased back into their own dimension, and the doorway was sealed by one of the female clans (ahib). (During his awakening quest during the final bossbattle, you defeat the ahib, who sealed the portal) 🙂

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    • Oh wow! I didn’t realize there was so much story behind the male elves. Maybe all that information was given out when they released the class – kinda like they did for Sage? If so, I’m missing a LOT of lore information. I wonder if there’s anywhere I can go to see all these stories?


      • Nope. All that information is in the main Kamasylvia questline. BDO’s lore is very rich, and interesting, but it is presented in an atrocious way…
        But In Odyllita (the newest zone) the lore of the elves was even more extended, and a lots of things were revealed, explained about the origins of the elves. Also lots of info about Luthraghons (watchers of the earth).
        I just did the first part of the Odyllita questline, and it turned out all the elves came from Elvia.
        Elvia was Sylvia’s realm (Goddess, and mother of the elves). All three clans of the elves lived there, and the goddess planted a Kamasylve divine tree there.
        But she had to leave her realm because she was attacked by the Malevolent God. She came into the Light realm, (the land where we play in BDO) took the Ganelle, and Vedir with her, planted a new Kamasylve tree. But left the Lutraghons in Elvia, to protect the Elvia Kamasylve.
        The male elves could use the Elvia divine tree to travel between the two dimensions, until it was destroyed. They searched for solution, and found a seed of the Kamsylve, which they planted. But this tree was different, they couldn’t use it as a portal any more. (the Ganelles, and Vedir forgot about their brothers) The male elves were trapped in Elvia, but Sylvia spoke trough the new tree, and tasked the Lutraghons with bringing the Malevolent God to it’s knees.
        Caphras convinced the Lutraghons to summon the Black Sun. They believed they will be able to defeat this Malevolent God, because of it.
        But through the Black Sun came Hadum (BDO’s Big Bad), who defeated Malevolent God, but also invaded, and conquered Elvia. Lots of male elves were branded with Hadum’s mark.
        The Divine tree of Elvia was destroyed, only one branch survived. The Luthraghons built their fortress, Aduir around this branch, and led a resistance against Hadum, but they were loosing. ( Archer’s lorepage described the siege of Aduir, where the trapped Luthraghons were slaughtered without being able to protect themselves.)
        The rest is like I wrote in my previous comment. Caphras came to the light realm, the Luthraghons followed him, met with the Ganelles, lost the trust of the female clans. They were chased back to Elvia. But in the game, you reopen the portal, so male elves can come to the surface once more.
        So there are a lots of new info about male elves in Odyllita. 😉

        Here are the knowledge entries where I found this info:

        Also it sucks to be a male elf. First they were abandoned by their goddess/mother in a realm invaded by their enemy, they were trapped, forgotten by their sisters, and later they were betrayed by Sylvia, because lore-masters think Hadum is Sylvia’s dark reflection (this is not confirmed, but strongly hinted) So yhea. Poor Luthraghons… T_T


        • Wow, thanks for so much backstory and information the lore! I do plan on continuing with the main story in time (and this inspires me to do so), I’ve just been sidetracked by everything else since I hit 56. XD


  2. Did you like the shai awakening quest? If you want to lifeskill, shai is the perfect match for you. 😉 She starts her gathering, and alchemy lifeskill at professional. ( you don’t have to level it up from beginner.) Also she is very good at bartering because her weight limit is very high.

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    • I did enjoy it, and I do want to lifeskill. I’m just worried about lifeskilling as a 50+ character – I’ve heard stories of getting PVPed on the ocean and while trying to AFK fish. Though, I didn’t know different classes had different weight limits. That’s good information – thank you!


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