March 2021 Gaming Goals in Review

March is already on its way out and April is right around the corner.

A number of unexpected things came up this past month that swayed me away from my gaming goals. But I don’t consider it a bad thing because I was having quite a bit of fun with what I was doing – leveling several characters in BDO, Mogtome runs in FFXIV and picking up mobile gaming for the first time in a while.

So let’s see what I did get around to doing.


  • Finish crafting relics on Main
  • Continue leveling Amon’s White Mage 
  • Start Shadowbringers on Ben

I didn’t quite finish the crafting relics on my Main – I have 1 and a half more to finish. I am going to try to knock it out this week, though, just to clear up bag inventory. My motivation to finish those relics dropped off significantly when I learned the final step revolved around advanced crafting, which I don’t have any feel for and doubtfully have the melds to complete.

I finished leveling Amon’s White Mage to 80 just two days ago! It was a project started back in December when I decided I wanted to try to learn to heal. Now I’ve healed up through Orbonne and am choosing healer for Mogtomes runs to make the queue faster! I still have a lot to learn, but I’ve come a long way in the realm of White Mage, thanks mostly to my coach, Syn.

I did START Shadowbringers on Ben but I… didn’t get very far into it. I need to pick that up again.

MISC Goals

  • Switch: Progress on Link’s Awakening 
  • Play at least 1 new Steam game a week 
  • Play at least 1 Xbox Game Pass game 

This is where I flagged this month. I did play my Xbox Game Pass game – Yes, Your Grace — for quite a few hours (and almost finished it). I only got in 2 Steam games – this was enough to nudge my “played” percentage up one, though.

Poor Link’s Awakening got pushed to the side, however. I need to try to do better by this game soon so that I don’t forget where I was when I next pick it up. I’ve made so much progress that I want to push through and finish it this time.

On to…


No April fools on this. I’ve decided to take a month off from goals. About this time every year I seem to get into this mindset where goals are more stressful than helpful. That’s how it felt in March when I had a lot of other gaming I wanted to do – and I foresee that carrying on into April.

So this month, I’m letting goals go until I feel the need to structure things again.

I had some pretty exciting things pop up in BDO (that I’ll talk about tomorrow) and I’ve found myself enjoying RO on mobile. So while I’m having fun, I just don’t see a need to organize my time right now.

Hope the start to your spring has been a good one!