BDO: Dream Horse End Game

BDO: Dream Horse End Game

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A few weeks back, I posted about how I’d finally got a T8 Charger and was now tackling awakening it into a T9 dream horse in Black Desert Online. I knew this was going to be a huge undertaking, and was prepared for it to take months, if not even a year for the process to pan out a return.

In fact, I’ve hardly spent much time on courser training since I brought her to Stonetail Ranch. I had a bunch of the materials you need to complete courser training from the handouts at the anniversary and just random boxes I opened over the past couple months. But I was also picking up a conch shell every night with loyalty points, and slowly amassing the items I needed for my first try.

I was really shooting for the pegasus, like just about everyone else, but I also tossed materials in there towards the unicorn, Dine, and a tiny bit towards Doom (who I didn’t want). Last night was the first night I thought to head back to the ranch as I had enough materials to hit the 200% I needed for the first awakening attempt.

Keep in mind, I read the first attempt you make at awakening has a 1% chance of success. When you fail, you earn failstacks that increase your chance of success by 1% each time. You’ll get it… eventually… but the materials you need to awaken the charger, not to mention the stone to facilitate the event, take time and effort to gather.

I was just telling Amoon yesterday that I was in it for the long haul, and quite resigned to the idea that I’d be working on this for months. But something extremely unexpected happened last night when I attempted my first awakening…

No… I thought. No… that didn’t just happen!

But it did! I was absolutely beside myself in shock and excitement!

The bad news: It wasn’t the pegasus. The good news: It wasn’t Doom.

I think I’d probably have sold Doom for an attempt at the 12 billion it’s worth and just buy another courser to start over again. I’m not a fan of Doom, sorry.

Dine, the Unicorn, was my second choice. She can’t glide and she won’t be able to be part of the attempt at a T10 horse whenever that comes out on our servers. But she is supposed to be awesome for desert travel. I will totally take her for my Shai main, which actually fits quite well!

So now I have to train her up again and try to regain the skills she lost. After awakening, the horse returns to level 1 and loses their skills. So, it’s back to training and skill swapping. Thankfully, I still have some skill swap tokens from when I was training her as a charger.

I’m really after getting all of the important skills that she needs – sprint and instant acceleration – to be the best horse that I currently own. It’ll be fun to train her up from scratch, too!

I feel like achieving my final goal came a little too easily… but you know… I guess I could always try it again if I want the challenge of it. Trust me, I’m not complaining!

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  1. I recently went through the process of Awakening my first Dream Horse as well. RNG was going my way. I hit my first piece of PEN boss gear using the free 150 stack and Cron Stones. The next day I hit two more pieces without crons using a free 100 stack. Both failed, one went to TET again instantly, failed again, went TET again instantly and then succeeded PEN. The other piece went back to TET for a measly 100m or so and then went PEN on my last 100 stack. At that point I was kind of blown away so I hit my Dande with a 90 stack and it also one tapped to PEN. Somehow I legitimately hit 3 PEN attempts in a row on very low stacks and I felt like it would never end. After failing my Dream Horse 15 times, reality set in. Fortunately it went on attempt 19, but it awakened into a Doom instead of the Pegasus I wanted. I love the idea of flying/gliding mounts as they dramatically change your movement throughout the world. I decided to save up and buy a Pegasus, keeping the Doom as well. What I didn’t expect is that after a month of using both mounts regularly, I prefer the Doom. His triple instant accel skill makes him so ridiculously fast and fun.

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    • I’m working on my second dream horse (though I haven’t been logging in all that much lately), and I’m up to my 5th failure. So I know how very, very lucky I was my first time.

      Glad you finally got one and sorry it wasn’t a Pegasus. But also glad that you ended up liking Doom in the end – I’ve heard he’s a fast one! Dine has been nice to have for the desert, though I still haven’t been out there a whole lot.


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