FFXIV: Tower at Paradim’s Breach Alliance Raid

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-No spoilers, just thoughts.-

I usually don’t run the new Alliance raid the week of release. I’m not sue why I did this time around, and I did it as a healer on the first try to boot – healer was my only job with a high enough ilvl at the time.

I’ve been slacking on gearing up this expansion… just call me a little tired of expert runs every day. Thank goodness for crafted battle gear you can buy off the marketboard! But… that’s neither her nor there.

Not only did I go in as healer but I went in mostly blind. As it was the day after the raid’s release, there weren’t any full guide videos at the time – the first one I saw was released the day after I first cleared it. And thankfully, I could watch that video before I ran it the second time on another character.

Most folks know my stance on Alliance raids by now and are probably tired of hearing it. Gone are the days of encouraging casual folks to do these raids and helping them get through. S/E has proven time and again that after Void Ark, Alliance raids are just not content for truly casual players – I’m talking folks who don’t have a strong grasp on how to pick up mechanics and respond to things quickly.

This raid was no exception. It’s learnable for sure, but a lot of things are not intuitive, no matter how much the raid bosses are designed to “teach” you mechanics through experience. The third boss, especially, left me in a state of “what just killed me?” pretty often until after I watched a video to better understand how the mechanics are put together.

Basically, I tell FC folks to watch a video rather than die a million deaths on this. I’m sure in a few weeks, things will settle down, but this first week has been a doozie.

Glamour… Rather Not

And the gear design this time around? Let’s just say, the main reason I ran Bunker as much as I did was to farm for the glamour. I even admired the gear from Factory enough to push through it several times.

On the flip-side, I find the gear this raid to be either mostly uninspired or just plain something I would never use. Not to mention, the male version of certain sets are just… awful (IMHO).

Example: Here’s the female aiming set – a shot taken from this video.

That top is alright and I could get behind it!

For the males….

What even happened here? Compared to the elegant female gear, this is awful unless you want a military-looking set for a bard or dancer (machinist could pull it off, maybe). And I don’t.

In fact, I got those pants above as my first drop and glamoured over them immediately. Just yuk.

Story? What…?

The main kicker for me, being someone who has not played Nier, is that the story just went down some crazy rabbit hole that I gave up trying to follow. You have a bunch of angry dwarves that are supposed to tie into this alien android plot and… the story just left me far behind in the series of quests between the second and third raids.

I got that there were good androids and bad androids, but we never got to know the good androids for long enough for me to feel anything for them by the end of the storyline. In fact, I don’t recall spending all that much time with them at all outside of the raids. I’m never paying much attention to NPCs and their chatter when mechanics are flying around during fights. Smack dab in the middle of a boss fight is the worst possible time for a game to try to make me connect to characters!

So it really felt as if the story was certainly trying to connect to the folks who already cared about these characters through Neir. And not so much to anyone who had no clue as to why we should be caring about these characters in FFXIV.

I know that I’m not the only one who didn’t “get it.” There was a post on Reddit, which apparently got removed (huh), that discussed disappointment with the raid storyline. Though the original post isn’t in tact, the follow-up comments nail a lot of my feelings on this.

Pretty much this… -source linked-

I knew going into this raid series that the concepts and aesthetics for Neir generally don’t appeal to me (I will say that I do have it free on the Xbox Game Pass, so I might still try it to see if it changes my mind). The one thing that folks who enjoy Neir say is the story is amazing – and I’m all about story.

So maybe that’s why I was disappointed that there really wasn’t anything all that gripping, thoughtful or mind-bending about the raid story itself. The boss designs were meant to make you go “huh,” of course. But I was expecting something deep and engrossing when it came to the plot.

Of course, there’s these follow-up weekly dwarf quests that we’re getting that might help explain some of this(?) I plan on doing them to see what I can learn, but I hope it’s worth the annoyance of the game sending me back into the Factory or Bunker to run around and pick up trashed technology for the fifth or sixth time.

I know this sounds like a relatively negative post and I’m sorry for that – I hope that for whomever this raid is geared toward, you had fun with it. I’ll continue to run it on my healer mostly because this is the most challenging content I’ve attempted during my healer practice, and I have a lot still left to learn. Plus, even if I think the gear is ugly, it’s still an upgrade for my bard and I can always glamour over it.

6 responses to “FFXIV: Tower at Paradim’s Breach Alliance Raid”

  1. Never played Nier games, now i see news about updated Nier Automata version for PC that fix some problems … maybe i’ll buy them, i watched a lore video for them years ago but i forgot it 😀

    I haven’t unlocked these raids yet, i’ll try it soon maybe i’ll get some gear, right now in MSQ i’m facing item level requirement for dungeons, every level 80 dungeon ask for higher item level, and it slowed me down.

    Liked by 1 person

    • If you have the gil, check out the Exarchic gear on the marketboard. Even a few pieces to replace your lowest ilvl gear can help boost you quite a bit. Shop around your data center for the best price and don’t worry about high quality if all you need is the ilvl requirement.


      • My item level is 504 and that will be enough for all remaining dungeons 🙂 moving between worlds i found items cheaper in some of them, but the pants? those are expansive every where, in one world it was more than 600k for the cheapest, i found them in another for about 130k.

        More important: i like how these items look, so thank you very much.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Happy to help! I had to snag a few pieces for some of my alts who were just bit shy of the ilvl to run the newest dungeon, so I was in the same boat. There’s usually a few sets of crafted gear in the mid to late patch cycle to help with this sort of thing, so if you ever get stuck in the future struggling with ilvl, be sure to check the market board to see if there’s a crafted set out there to help out!

          Good luck and have fun! o/


  2. I have such similar feelings about this — third boss the most ‘interesting’, story awol .. not even any screenshots I was happy with because the interior is so stark. I like Nier a lot — looking forward to Replicant this weekend — and yeah I guess I’m holding on to a little hope for something to come of the weeklies. I did like the writing of the dwarves, different mood to the usual.

    The aiming gear — I think the M & F sets are two different specific characters’ outfits from Automata. It’s a shame – I’d like to wear the F version.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I figured there was a character reason for the gear looks, but I just don’t care much for what they did this time around. However, I love the gear pieces from the first two raids, so I can forgive them. I don’t have to give up some of the sets I glamoured this time around! XD

      And I agree about the look of the raid… there’s… just not much to it for things like screenshots. However, I hope you enjoy Replicant when it drops! I still need to poke around at the game that’s on the Xbox Game Pass eventually. 🙂


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