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Dabbling with Monster Hunter Rise

When I mention playing Monster Hunter, sometimes I get surprised comments like – “Oh! I didn’t expect you to play Monster Hunter!” or “I didn’t know you played!”

I really can’t blame them because for all due purposes, Monster Hunter really shouldn’t be my kind of game. I can’t explain why I like games of this type, either, considering some fights can get really brutal and action type games aren’t usually my go-to.

My first and only Monster Hunter game before this was Monster Hunter Tri on the Nintendo Wii. Woo boy. I remember it being really tough.

But I also remember my first win against the Great Jaggi… and how I didn’t do so well in the beginning. I recall fighting and fighting and fighting until finally I got it down. Something about overcoming that first large hunt broke the difficulty curve for me, and while I never got all the way through the game, I hunted quite a bit!

I’ve heard a lot about Monster Hunter World, and have been curious about trying it. But seeing my time is often taken by FFXIV in the MMO realm (and because I’m not sure my friends would be into MHW), I’ve never played it.

Fast forward to Monster Hunter Rise for Nintendo Switch. I’ve heard lots of great things about it – even that it’s more accessible to new (or rusty) players! It’s on the Switch, which is a huge plus for me. So when I got an Amazon gift card for my birthday, I knew exactly what I was going to buy.

I’ve had the game for almost a month now, and I’m making my way very casually through it. While it is far, far, far easier than Tri from what I’ve experienced (I was shocked at how gently it eased me into the game considering how bad I am at it), I still feel quite a bit of triumph with each big hunt accomplishment. I’m sure things will get more difficult, but the difficulty curve has been surprisingly nice to me.

I’m not sure why I decided to roll an Amon character for this (hunting monsters is not his thing), but everything fell right in place for him, including a musical instrument weapon (hunting horn)!

I’m not very good with the wirebug system yet, and I still have a lot to learn about the controls of the game. But there’s just so much to do that I often don’t know how much I’m overlooking. There’s leveling buddies, crafting and upgrading armor and weapons, gathering materials, light crafting, unlocking more hunts, trading requested goods, quests for the folks in the town…

Yeah. I only unlocked three star quests last night, and suddenly my weapon crafting tree just expanded many-fold. I went out on an expedition run of a new area and ended up going head-to-head with a big hunt – the Kulu-Ya-Ku – due to running across it by accident. I’ll have to fight it again, I know, for the actual quest associated with it, but it was a fun hunt that gave me a good sense of where I’m standing in terms of gear and progression.

I love how the game doesn’t take itself too seriously despite the fights being tough. The translation is light-hearted, the music in the town always makes me smile, and I’m starting to like the folks who live there and interact with my hunter.

Not to mention the on-purposely cheesy movie-Japanese intro cutscene for each area and big hunt you undertake.

The one thing I haven’t done is play multiplayer – I never did it in Tri, either. I doubt that I’ll take the chance to do it in Rise since I heard the game can be beat pretty much solo, even the quests that are meant to be done in a group.

I’m just not skilled enough as a hunter that I wouldn’t embarrass myself trying to play with other people. I’m seriously surprised I’ve gotten to three start quests, to be honest.

Right now, I have enough to explore on my own. There’s still plenty of quests, stories and gear to work towards, even if I’m doing it quite casually. I’m just trying to move forward a little bit at a time, and sometimes going back to hunts I beat simply to practice what I’m learning.

I’m open to any tips about the game — and even though I have more than enough on my plate with Rise, I’m starting to side-eye Monster Hunter World as well. Maybe next time it’s on a Steam sale. We’ll see.


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9 thoughts on “Dabbling with Monster Hunter Rise

  1. I actually played World and suprised by how much I enjoyed it. But I kind of felt done with the game, and haven’t really felt the itch to pick up Rise. It seems like a lot of people I know have been picking it up, though, so maybe I should just to play with friends…

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    1. Hm, that’s interesting. At least World doesn’t have a subscription to join. That’s one of the things that makes it plausible for me (already paying a sub, as you know). It also seems to continue to get expansions, which I know you have to pay for, but that’s fine.


  2. Rise definitely feels a lot easier and more accessible than World. World feels more like they designed and balanced it to be some kind of MMO-light game (even though it is perfectly possible to solo the whole thing as I am doing) while Rise feels like more a traditional (or at least my experience with MH3U) Monster Hunter game with the actual story being single-player only and everything balanced around that. And with a very separate multiplayer for those who like it.

    I am not too far ahead of you in Rise, I think I am still on Rank 4 quests. That is where the monsters are starting to get tricky for me… But I can still hunt them much faster than any monster in World, even if it is my first time hunting them.

    The only tip I can give right now, something I didn’t know until I read about it somewhere, is that you can see in your Monster Log if a part only drops if you kill the monster or if you need to capture it to drop.

    Anyway, glad you are enjoying the game! 🙂

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    1. Oh wow, thanks for that tip! I’ve heard you can capture monsters but I don’t know the first thing about doing it. I guess it’s time to do some research (I’ve stayed very spoiler-free on this).

      Are you forced to do the multiplayer missions in order to finish the story, or is it truly optional? I know people say that the monsters scale down if you’re solo, and they’re quite a challenge, but do-able. I’ve completely ignored those quests and only focused on village quests so far. But I’m not sure if that’s going to hurt me in the end or just cut me out of content.


      1. From what I heard the story in Rise in completely solo. The multi-player is just for people who want a challenge, to play with others or get the High Rank version of the armor sets.

        I think the only thing we might miss from not doing mutiplayer content is missing some event quests that gives cosmetic gear. But they might be doable solo… I haven’t tried yet but the game did say it should be possible to solo those multiplayer quests. They are just a lot harder than the ones from the story.

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  3. Hehe, you’re adding to my itch to eventually pick up the MHW Iceborne expansion and/or Monster Hunter Rise. Soon(TM), when there’s a discount large enough for me to bite.

    My tips would be to take your time with the game and be patient with yourself. It’s a very long haul game, this series. I gave MHW two attempts at it before I got to the end of the main quest story, and only managed it at first because of the overpowered Defender gear released to bootstrap slow players into Iceborne. Had no idea what most of the extra stuff was on my first go, and only started learning the basics of food and other consumable items on the second go.

    More than half a year later, I got itchy enough to give MHW a -third- go from scratch (because I’m still too cheap to get additional content) and this time, I felt like more of an intermediate player, having somehow absorbed how to use food and traps regularly and now able to start considering what jewels mean and how to select gear towards a desired skill build. Probably still turtle slow compared to the more hardcore fans, but definitely more progressed than where I first started at absolute zero.

    It takes time. Just learn one system at a time, at your own pace. It’ll all help out in the hunt, little by little.

    The other thing to try is testing out different weapons that might suit your playstyle more and carving out some dedicated time to learn one weapon, bit by itty bit, in the training area. It’s a bit of a mindset shift I struggled with at first; I really wanted to be in action killing things already.

    But I found it does increase enjoyment to just first figure out say, short and long attack combos (usually three button presses chained together) and test that out on an easy monster; and then cycle back to the training room to learn the next fancy move and combine both old and new moves on another monster, unsoweiter. Before you know it, you’ll feel familiar enough with the weapon to start selecting moves with a little more intent and strategy, as opposed to mostly spamming random buttons as I did when starting out.

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    1. Yeah, one of the very first things I did was head to the practice zone and tried out all of the weapons to see which ones meshed with me. Thankfully, the practice zone also suggests things like combos for the weapon you’re using, which I find very helpful even if I don’t have all the combos down yet. I know where to go for some suggestions.

      I was amazed that MHR offered all the weapons from the start like that. If I remember correctly, with Monster Hunter Tri (my first MH game), you started out with one weapon and had to scrap together the materials to craft more. So you never really knew if what you were making would fit your playstyle or not until you crafted it. I recall the first weapon wasn’t the easiest one to use, either (might have been oldskool greatsword? can’t remember).

      So right out of the box, MHR was far more forgiving than my first experience all those years back on the Wii! 🙂


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