BDO: Heidel Ball, New Class – Corsair, Seasons Return!

BDO: Heidel Ball, New Class – Corsair, Seasons Return!

I’ve been somewhat quiet on my BDO adventures lately because most of my focus has been on training horses and repeatedly failing to awaken my newest courser (to be expected). I haven’t had any more exciting breakthroughs, nor have I really focused on leveling any of my characters in a while.

But the Heidel Ball that took place this past weekend has shaken things up! This is sort of the Fan Festival for BDO, and streamed online for everyone. However, the time it was streamed was while I was sleeping, so I didn’t get to watch it.

This Reddit thread does a good job of summarizing the important points. It also contains the Heidel Ball coupons that you can use in game to claim several prizes!

The Scallywags Treasure Chest is of note because it includes a Tier 8 female horse on you that already has three Courser skills at level 1.

I took advantage of the event that was boosting horse training experience to level this new T8 up and managed to lock in all but one Courser skill at level 30. A few more skill change coupons and I should have my third Courser, I hope.

As for the announcements at the Heidel Ball, there were a few things that were exciting for me, though just as many that I didn’t care much about.

For example, BDO is introducing dungeons for the first time as well as some new PVP content. Seeing that I have dungeons coming out of my ears in FFXIV, the last thing I want to do in BDO is a dungeon. I’m mostly here for the open world, non-PVP, solo content, so none of that caught my interest.

However, there are a few things I’m excited for such as:

  • Mansions (Housing to decorate both inside and out)
  • Merchant Guilds
  • Mythical Dine (Though I’ll probably never get one)
  • Old Classes Reboot
  • Story Rework
  • Return of Seasons (I never got to try one)
  • New Class – Corsair

As of today’s patch, you can go ahead and pre-design your Corsair, which launches June 29th. Seeing that I have an extra character slot, I’ll likely be trying this new class out. I generally like the swashbuckling/pirate type characters, and was having trouble deciding who would be my sailing and trading character, so this could be perfect!

It also looks like pre-creation for the next Season has begun, so likely you’ll be able to play the Corsair during the next season. I expect to see a lot of them out there!

6 responses to “BDO: Heidel Ball, New Class – Corsair, Seasons Return!”

  1. Not Many games have pirate class, i only know Maplestory have more than 5 pirate classes, and now BDO have one which is nice, i wish to see more, there is more to pirates than funny hats and growling “Arrr” every other word 😅

    Liked by 1 person

    • I agree – and she’s pretty great looking now that I’ve messed around with her in the character creator. I’ve already rolled mine as a season character and was quite happy with the name I snagged. I think a lot of accounts got deleted so there are names open now that weren’t before.


    • You’re welcome! Go get your T8 and other lovely things! 😀

      I’m just wondering what it will take to pick up a mansion – will it be something you buy with silver or with CP? I might have missed that information, but I’m still curious. If it’s nice enough, but costs CP, I might have to let my Grana mansion go.

      Liked by 1 person

        • Absolutely! I do like Grana, but the main reason I got the house was because it was so big compared to the others (the style is nice, too, but I can live without). The CP cost is rather ouch.


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