FFXIV: Things To Complete Before Endwalker

FFXIV: Things To Complete Before Endwalker

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Now that it’s been a little over a week since I made a major change to my FFXIV main, I’m slowly starting to acclimate to it all. I know it seems weird that a change I’ve made willingly should “take time” to get used to, but it has.

I have been, however, feeling more motivated to play my main after the change. That was the goal, and I think it’s working as everything sinks in!

Though I don’t want to make this a post about goals, I have been taking a step back to look at what I’ve done and what I’d like to do before Endwalker drops in November. I have plenty of time at this point, so I’m in no rush.

I did finally finish the 5.55 MSQ on Ben last week. This week, I’ve started the long process of working on his gathering Relic tools. This is going to take a while.

While I have completed up to a certain non-shiny step of my crafting Relics, the expert crafting stopped me in my tracks months back. However, I’ve been looking at some video guides and have started back on weekly crafting turn-ins to pick back up where I left off with melding my crafting gear.

I also started the Hero’s Journey questline last night – this is the newest quest at the end of the role questlines in Shadowbringers. I’ve had this on my list for a while, but again, just didn’t have the motivation to work on it.

I knew that I had to complete the Warring Triad trials in order to start this questline – I have done that a while back – but I didn’t realize I needed to pick up the quests for the Extreme version of all of those, plus the one for Ravana EX. At first I freaked out a little thinking they wanted me to do the EX versions of all those trials, but it turns out that all of them except Ravana are just an unlock.

And Ravana EX unsynced is a joke now days. It took Syn and I 1:22 to clear it and he didn’t even get to a second phase. I need to go back and see if I can solo him for his bird. That’s the last bird I need to complete the set.

Anywho, this is where Ben is standing as of right now.

Here’s the things I’d like to do on my main before Endwalker:

  • Finish Crystalline Mean Crafting/Gathering quests (just to clear them)
  • Finish Gatherer Relics
  • Upgrade Gatherer gear to newest script gear (probably need this to finish Relic)
  • Meld crafting gear & figure out expert crafting
  • Level my poor, sad Blue Mage (Did this on my alt)
  • Werlyt series (Did this on my alt)
  • Clear Stormblood Trials (I skipped them last three)
  • Finish bird farm
  • Farm Shikaree’s Doublet
  • Finish Bozja Storyline

As you can see, some of these things I’ve already done, but just on another character (shame on me). So now I need to get back to giving my main the love he deserves instead.

That’s all I can think of at the moment. I’ll add to it as things come to me. This is all very do-able in the timeframe I have. I just need to stay motivated!

Spoiler picture!

They look like a happy family, don’t they?

4 responses to “FFXIV: Things To Complete Before Endwalker”

  1. I capped out all my jobs about 6 months after Stormblood came out. And then I canceled my sub until a couple of weeks before Shadowbringers came out. The catch-up mechanics made it such that I was able to complete all the patch MSQ’s I’d not done in just a couple of days, so while I wasn’t “pushing content” upon expansion release, I also wasn’t feeling left out either. Especially becuz I intended to do (and did) the expansion as a dancer, so I had to not only unlock the job but catch it up 10 levels just to be able to use it in the expansion anyway….

    This time around, I stopped playing about the same time, but I’ve kept my sub active becuz I keep telling myself I’m not gonna do that again…. but it looks like I’m gonna do that again. Such is life, no?

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    • Catch-up in FFXIV is extremely easy to do as long as you know what to do and buy on the marketboard. That’s one thing I really like about the game. I have many alts, but I don’t touch raids or expert on most of them because buying or making crafted gear is good enough to get them through MSQ.

      I’m one of those crazy people who hasn’t unsubbed from FFXIV since I started playing back in 2013. No exaggeration. I also play for a short time just about every day, though, and I’m quite involved in the RP/creative community. So that’s just me being me. XD


      • Market board? Why use Gil?

        Part of the catch-up is that they open a vendor that has the best dungeon gear from the last expansion available for Poetics. Pre-cap your poetics, then after the expansion’s out, run MSQ roulette and get 500-600 Poetics plus 1/3 to 1/2 a level while you’re at it, then re-queue for Castrum (since it’s faster) to get 300 more until you’ve outfitted your preferred job/role, then go do all the MSQ’s you’ve missed. Takes 2-3 hours a day over 2-3 days, is all.

        And then since the preferred job will level in the expansion’s MSQ, just do a daily run of MSQ roulette using the lower jobs and level them up for free while getting the Poetics they’ll need for their gear-up too. Works nicely….

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  2. Oh, I was talking about catching up to the end of the current expansion, or just keeping up with the current expansion patches.

    Sure, after the new expansion drops, it’s easy to catch up with Poetics. But I have SO MANY characters to bring through, and I also have more gil than I do time or desire to run group content on all of them. HQ relevant crafted gear is not that expensive and if you can craft your own, even better.

    At this point, I have 4 characters who are at endgame Shadowbringers and ready to go to Endwalker (2 of them I just need to finish 5.55 MSQ), 2 that are just starting Shadowbringers, and 1 that’s going to start Shadowbringers as soon as I get her to 70. That’s not counting alts on another server. 😉

    Granted, only my main has all jobs leveled because the rest are alts for creative purposes or just for fun. But that’s still more instances than I’m willing to run (my goal is still to run as little group content as possible unless there’s something I really want from a dungeon/raid). My alts level with the gear the game gives them, take advantage of whatever set of gear the game gives them for their job at max level, and then inherit crafted gear to push their ilvl through relevant patches to end game.

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