BDO: Summer Season Begins, Deluge of Corsairs Incoming!

BDO: Summer Season Begins, Deluge of Corsairs Incoming!

Yesterday marked the beginning of the new summer season and the release of the new class, Corsair, in Black Desert Online. This is my first ever season, and while I’ve only been able to play a couple hours, my Corsair, Petrel, is already level 28. It helps that I’ve already run these quests many times before, and the fact the season server is showering folks in XP and leveling rewards.

In fact, one of the rewards you can get – if your Corsair reaches level 58 – is a free ship! However, it seems like the cog has a lifespan, so I will still likely purchase a second Epheria Sailboat with the seals I’ve stored away. But the cog is still a good little ship to start leveling sailing on this character.

It’s hard for me to determine what I think of the Corsair after just a few hours. She seems very fluid (no pun intended) with all of her water-type magics and moves. It’s neat to see this kind of take on water abilities. Just like the Sage, she’s super flashy with her bigger skills, and seems to put out decent damage.

I haven’t had any trouble taking down anything in my path up to the point I’ve played. That being said, mobs are pretty contested since that was a first day release with a new class. I saw lots and lots of new Corsairs (with a few other classes peppered throughout), but it never got to a point I couldn’t finish the quest I was on… yet.

I’m sure there are folks who have more time and have already leveled theirs far higher than I have. What I really want to do is snag a ship and start to explore sailing while I’m on a server where I can’t be PKed.

So my first goal is to get to 58 for that ship. Then, I want to hit the ocean and explore. There’s a lot out there I’ve not seen and done yet.

I guess I also have to figure out how gearing up works on a season server. They’ve been tossing all sorts of upgrades at me as I’ve leveled, but I don’t know what any of them are for, to be honest. Gearing is one of those things I don’t pay attention to in BDO because I’m not really there for the combat.

They’re also giving away some neat cosmetic rewards as you level, like the eyepatch!

All in all, I like the way my Corsair looks, even in her lower level gear.

As I keep moving up, I’ll let you know if I run into any snags with the new class. But for now, it’s smooth sailing. Pun intended.

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