Locked Out! Getting my Glyph Account Back

This is a cautionary tale for folks that have an old Glyph account hanging around. This launcher is for games such as Rift, ArcheAge and Trove.

I’ve only played two of these games – back in 2014-2015 – ArcheAge and Trove. When I first created my account, the Glyph launcher didn’t exist. Before I stopped playing, the Glyph launcher was released and somewhere down the line, I added two-factor authentication to my account.

That’s where my trouble starts.

Fast forward to May 31, 2021.

I heard that Trove was getting a new Bard class. I was interested in rolling a character to play this class when it released. So for the first time in 6 years, I installed the Glyph launcher an attempted to log into my account.

Well, the Glyph authenticator app was still on my phone. But somewhere during that time, it’d got offloaded to make more space for other things. I guess offloading is the same as uninstalling because my account could no recognize the authenticator.

I had my account email address and password, but I was locked out of my account due to the authenticator.

There was a link where you could go to answer some questions in order to claim your account and remove the authenticator. Problem was, these were things I either never attached to my account – because it was created so long ago – or I didn’t remember.

Things like:

  • First Question What was your childhood nickname? Second Question Your Fantasy Name (Movie/Book Character First Name + Childhood Street Name)
  • Account creation date
  • IP address of computer when signing up for account
  • Credit card when signing up for account

This account was created during ArcheAge beta in 2014… I have no idea the exact creation date, my IP, and I’ve had replacement credit cards since then, too! I have no idea what my security question answers were (why make them so complicated?) or if I’ve ever set those up for my account.

Well, not only could I not remove the authenticator, but I couldn’t log in to reach the support site with my account. All I could do at that point was send an email to support.

In the meantime, I did learn that I’d not be able to roll a new character on Trove anyhow – it’s one character per account – so I created a new Glyph account for my new Trove bard. Good thing that I did because…

I sent an email to Glyph support on May 31, 2021.

I did not get a reply from Glyph support until June 14, 2021.

It took half a month just to get to my ticket. And when they did, I had to jump through the same hoops to prove the account belonged to me. Consider that I was writing from the email address that was connected to this account, and I did tell them I have a working password.

Before we can proceed with any changes, we need to verify account ownership.
With this in mind, please provide us with as many of the verification points below as you can remember:

  • Currently registered email address on the account:
  • Account creation date:
  • First Question What was your childhood nickname? Second Question Your Fantasy Name (Movie/Book Character First Name + Childhood Street Name)
  • Character names, levels, and server/region:
  • First and Last name (if any):
  • PayPal email address (if any):
  • Order numbers or Transaction IDs:
  • Details of purchase: please provide us with a screenshot of the payment confirmation which you received via email OR provide us with the info regarding the last three transactions that have been made on the account – we require the type of transactions and the date

Again, there’s a chunk of things here I didn’t know. But I gave them as much as I could.

I sent that information the day I got the email thinking that finally I was getting some support.

Ten days later…

We have successfully removed the mobile authenticator from your account as requested.
Should you need help with anything else, please let us know!


I got my account back. It only took almost a month. There was a point where I thought my ticket wasn’t even being looked at. But I remember back in the Trion days, if you put a follow-up ticket in, it just pushes your ticket to the back of the line again. So I let it ride and waited.

I already had a second account I could play. While I never put money into my original Trove account, I did put money into that ArcheAge account. However, I wouldn’t touch ArcheAge again with a 50 foot pole after what all they’ve been doing with server merges and pay to win.

But, it would be nice to get my old Trove character back. So, once everything got resolved, I go to log into my original Trove account and this is the first screen I see…

It’s acting as if I don’t have a character.

I stop right there and go to look this up. Apparently, Trove frees up user names if you haven’t played in a while.

Okay, well, I go to type my character name in to claim it again: Aywren

Name is taken.


Usually, I’m the only Aywren in just about any game I’ve ever played. But, it’s not impossible that there’s another Aywren out there, so I choose another name: Aywren_Sojourner

Then I see this:

Choose a STARTING class?

Wait. I had all kinds of classes from back in the day unlocked – some that you have to pay money for now that you didn’t back then. I looked this up, too, and have seen where this has happened to other people who haven’t logged into Trove in a while.

So somewhere out there, my original Trove character might still exist, but it’s not connected to my account anymore for some reason. This… is a bummer.

Update! So, just for kicks, I chose a starter class and went through the new tutorial. Once I got to the other side, it appears that all of the classes and items I unlocked are still here, but my levels have all been reset to 1. My inventory has also been cleared out. So I’ve lost progression but kept basic unlocks. This is much better than losing the character as a whole.

You better believe that I’m logging in a few times a week on my Trove account even if I’m not actively playing.

Support did resolve my account issue, but it took so long just to disconnect the authenticator. If this had been the only account I had and I didn’t have access to it for almost a month, it would have been a truly frustrating situation.

As a side note, even if you don’t have an authenticator set up on a phone, Glyph will still email you an authenticator code if you log in from a new location – sorta like Steam does. But I guess support has to do what it has to do for every player in this situation.

And for those who have a Trove character they want to keep… log in often to preserve your name!

New Trove Bard with Dragon Mount