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FFXIV: Endwalker Benchmark Cometh!

-Click to download the Benchmark program here!-

Friday’s Live Letter opened up with a video that I almost instantly knew was the Benchmark for Endwalker. Just like the expansions before it, the Benchmark gives little hints of what’s to come while testing your system’s ability to handle the load.

See the trailer for it here:

The translations from the FFXIV Discord note that:

We changed one thing in this Benchmark, so far we put out the score as a number. The number required to get “Extremely High” is higher now. What was 7000 points before is 15k now. I am not exactly sure if that was the “Extremely High” grade. Yes, you get the male Viera character creator as part of the benchmark.

-Yoshi P

So be ready to jump into the character creator and explore making those shorter-than-the-female male Viera!


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4 thoughts on “FFXIV: Endwalker Benchmark Cometh!

    1. Basically it’s a small program that tests how well your PC will be able to run Endwalker. It consists of a series of cutscenes – the one that you see in that trailer – and it calcuates how your PC responds to it. So it will give you a score of what’s best to run Endwalker on – such as High, Very High, Extremely High, etc.

      Part of the benchmark has always been a character creator where you can import your character into the benchmark just for fun. In the case of new races, you get to preview them.


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