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FFXIV: When WoW Streamers Playing FFXIV Inspire!

As of late, the FFXIV community has seen a influx of players trying the game (thanks to the FREE TRIAL that includes the entirety of A Realm Reborn AND the award-winning Heavensward expansion up to level 60 with no restrictions on playtime…) specifically, WoW players.

WoW folks who are fed up with the state of their game are moving to FFXIV and becoming part of Eorzea, or are simply curious and trying it out to see what FFXIV has to offer. This has included some big names in streaming and YouTube. You know the ones I’m talking about.

Not really being a WoW player (I have a Panda Monk I got up to level 48 once, but that’s it), I’d never heard of these folks before. But when word got out that Asmongold was some kind of community tipping point for a WoW streamer trying FFXIV, I got on board for the ride just out of my own curiosity.

There has been some concern on the FFXIV front that the warm and welcoming community is going to be infiltrated by the terrible toxicity of the WoW mentality as these folks come in to play “Our Game.” But so far, I’ve seen quite the opposite happening.

In fact, the video series by Medieval Marty has been about as wholesome as you can get. I highly suggest watching his series as he explores FFXIV and finds a new home.

He’s just one of many that you can find on YouTube if you search. I haven’t had time to watch them all, but there are some really good experiences shared out there!

It’s fascinating for me to watch someone not new to MMOs, but completely new to FFXIV, begin to learn about the world and all the elements that make it special. When they start to vibe with the story (sometimes even if they claimed they don’t play MMOs for story) and become attached to characters, I see a bit of myself in them.

And that’s nothing short of inspiring.

Of course, I can’t write about this topic without mentioning Asmongold. While I don’t agree with everything he does, and I don’t always appreciate the language he uses, Asmon has as of this past weekend (to the surprise of some FFXIV vets) stuck it out through ARR MSQ and made it to level 50+. Not only that, but he’s gone through the story (often reading much of it to his viewers), responded to that story on an emotional level, introduced Eorzea to a group of people who had likely never seen it before, and has made it fun.

For all the people cracking down on ARR story, Asmon seemed to have a really good time. He was able to communicate that, share the experience, and likely inspire others to give FFXIV a try, too. He also had some interesting thoughts on story and community that I thought were insightful.

Infectious Inspiration

The joy of discovery isn’t lost upon me in all of this. Coming this September, I will have been subscribed to FFXIV since 2013 with no breaks. There was some time in the first year where I set the game down a little bit (specifically around level 50, until roulettes made getting tomestones easier), but for the most part, I’ve played very consistently all this time.

I’m a casual FFXIV player overall. While I may log in just about every night, it might not be for long stretches, or it’s just to run one thing and then do some crafting. But that’s how I’ve maintained playing the same MMO for as long as I have.

This new wave of WoW to FFXIV folks, even the ones just trying it out and sharing their experiences, has been quite an inspiration to me as a long-time player. Not only am I going back to see parts of the story I’d forgotten about (since I skip through most MSQ on my 6th time), but I get to see someone else enjoying and exploring the same things that I did 8 years ago.

This has actually motivated me to pick up FFXIV and push through some things I want to do before Endwalker comes out. Namely, I have one more character who needs to finish Shadowbringers.

For all of Asmon’s language, I really do like his “Let’s Do It!” mentality when he approaches quests. Even the cumbersome ones.

I’ve been trying to use that motivational thought for my own approach – the 5th time through Shadowbringers. As much as I love the expansion, and I appreciate that Trusts are there to get me through most of the dungeons, it’s still difficult to repeat it for a 5th time. But I’ve been finding the means to get it done and I’m glad to be doing it.

Personally, I’m excited to see FFXIV getting all this attention from new folks – no matter if they come from WoW or from anywhere else. I feel like the our community can welcome them and will adjust to the influx of gaming culture as it always has.

The future seems bright. I’m excited to see new people joining the game and bringing other new people to our worlds. Thank you for sharing your experiences and providing inspiration to this long-time player – I hope you all continue to have a good time in Eorzea!


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7 thoughts on “FFXIV: When WoW Streamers Playing FFXIV Inspire!

  1. FFXIV and the team deserve all the credits, they did a great job.

    Blizzard should be concerned, many WoW youtubers and streamers trying FFXIV and enjoy playing it, this should make them change how they develop expansions for WoW and how they deal with old content, i love WoW and i want it to get better, this won’t happen if Blizzard keep doing the same things in every expansion.

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    1. That is exactly what I’m hearing a lot of WoW folks saying. I, too, hope Blizzard sees the writing on the wall and improves in response. I may not be a WoW player, but I also don’t want to see anyone’s game go down.

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  2. I also wonder if we’re in for another wave of copycat games as happened after WoW’s initial success. I don’t imagine we’ll see things on quite that scale, but if New World is also a success, which is looking not that unlikely right now, there will be several established mmorpgs doing really very well (FFXIV and ESO particularly) and a new one making headway. There were a few years after the last crop of WoW clones failed to meet expectations when the talk was all about mmorpgs having had their day. I suspect we might be in for a period of renewed interest from investors although the immense lead time to get a quality mmorpg up and running might still mean we won’t see the fruits of any increased activity for years.

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    1. That’s a really good question and I wouldn’t be surprised. I can just hope this will turn into something that benefits current games, as well. From what I saw in the Live Letter, Yoshi-P said the company is investing millions into adding servers and serve structure, and this is much needed for the game to continue to serve a growing population.

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      1. An interesting thought that has been in the back of my mind is, what happens if Activision just pulls the plug on WoW, and then Mike Morhaime and the new studio steps up with a whole new MMO based on the philosophy they had with the original, bringing Metzen out of retirement for story development, and pulls in the talent that has been let go over the past 10 years.

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  3. I did give FF a go a few years ago when there was a free weekend I think. I thought the graphics and character customization were fantastic. I did find myself struggling with figuring things out. And playing on an older computer at the time made thing a bit nerve wracking. That said, would I abandon warcraft for final fantasy? No, I don’t think I would. I’ve played WoW for 12 years and as disappointed as I am with the last couple expansions and the fading hope it would get better, at almost 59 years old, I can’t see myself committing to another game ever again. I feel that once I pull the plug on Azeroth, that will be it for me as far as games go.

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    1. I totally understand. I have actually done the flip side – I’ve played FFXIV for going on 8 years. During this time, I did give WoW a try when they had one of those Black Friday sales where you could pick everything up to Pandaria for $5. I played the full free month and got to level 48-ish.

      While I didn’t think WoW was a bad experience by any means, when the time came to decide to juggle two subs, I chose just to stick with the game I’d played longer and parted ways with WoW. It also seems like WoW folks have a different focus – or at least that’s the impression I get – of end game raiding and progression. I keep hearing “if you don’t raid, there isn’t anything else to do.” Whether that’s true or not, I can’t say. But I’m barely a casual raider in FFXIV, so I doubt WoW could hold my interest at end game as I’d probably never touch a raid from the sound of it.

      Anyhow, I hope that things turn around for WoW, and folks find something to enjoy again. I really do. I don’t want to see anyone’s game fail or anyone lose their online home. I’m dedicated to FFXIV for the same reason you are dedicated to WoW – the time I’ve spent in that world. But I believe we’re all better off having more games and more options.

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