Blaugust 17- Dev Appreciation: Worldwalker Games

For Developer Appreciation Week, I wanted to start with a small indie developer – Worldwalker Games – and a small indie game that more people really should know about – Wildermyth.

I admit I don’t know a whole lot about the team who made Wildermyth, but after sinking many hours into the game, I can only imagine it’s a good group of folks who made such a wholesome and thoughtful creation. I’m also a part of the Wildermyth Discord and from the interaction there, they them seem like a pretty cool bunch.

They really encourage community creativity and sharing the heroes you forge within the Wildermyth world. The game itself opens up creative tools to players who are ambitious enough to create their own mods, and the devs have fostered a friendly environment for those who seek to mod and add on to the stories of the original game.

The Wildermyth Twitter is also quite active and supportive of heroes, creativity, fantasy and D&D type role play stories. They’re always retweeting player characters and stories, which is something I love reading.

This team has created a game with a lovely world, great lore and a highly replayable format. The characters, their stories and their interactions may sometimes be similar across games, but choosing different options and seeing where it leads you is always exciting. There’s few games that can uphold “every choice matters” – but this one does!

Really, if any of these things interest you, I highly suggest you check this game out!

I’m sad that this is a shorter post (for me) because I’m still pretty new to knowing this team and their work, but feel they deserve a lot more. However, I can’t sing praises enough for Wildermyth – there are few games that have captivated me as much as this in quite a while.

I have a few more campaigns to finish to see all of the possible campaigns in the game. But even then, I have heroes I still want to develop and grow, which should take me to revisiting campaigns (there are several RNG campagins) in the future.

Once new stories or DLC drops for this game, I’ll be the first in line. Well, along with everyone else who loves it the way I do.

The many heroes across the many campaigns I’ve run.