Happy With Xbox Game Pass for PC – Forwardlog Gaming

There’s a number of things I hope to write for this blog soon – Blaugust has been keeping me pretty busy at Spot of Mummery, however! Still, even if this is short, I want to talk about how happy I’ve been with my choice to maintain my Xbox Game Pass for PC account.

I wrote about trying out Game Pass last year, and how I felt that it would help me to actually keep the cost of gaming down and keep my backlog in other gaming stores smaller. I have to say that overall, it’s achieved what I hoped it would.

Why am I so happy right now with it? Well, it’s continued to add a number of games I’m very interested in trying out.

While I’d never give up my Steam games (nor would I give up FFXIV), if I had nothing else but Game Pass games to play, I feel that I could be content and kept more than busy enough to enjoy myself. I currently have 69 games marked as something I’d like to eventually play later. That’s a LOT of gaming, and I’ve hardly scratched the surface of it.

Some of these are games that I’d likely never buy, even during a sale. But since they’re part of the package, I’ll try them out and see what they’re about. It’s also nice to feel like this isn’t a backlog but rather a… forwardlog? Did I just make up a new term?

I’m also super happy with Game Pass because twice this month they’ve provided newly released games that I want to try out right now. First, Boyfriend Dungeon – simply out of curiosity. And yesterday, Humankind – which I sorta eyeballed here and there, but had no idea was coming to Game Pass until it did.

I’ve installed these games and have put time into playing them both this week. Seeing that Boyfriend Dungeon retails at $20 (and I aim to finish that game) and Humankind retails for $50, I think my $10 Game Pass sub has fairly much paid for itself for the next few months.

Game Pass has also saved me from buying games that I’d have ended up frustrated with, or just weren’t a good match for me. Such as Crusader Kings III. I wanted to enjoy that game so much, but even after putting in over a day’s worth of time (based on Game Pass stats), it just wasn’t working for me. That saved me $50 worth of trouble for a game I probably would have put down and couldn’t get a refund on if I’d bought it on Steam.

Then there were some games I haven’t written about.

For example, I tried out Pathway. It sounded like a fun game that would be something I’d enjoy, but once I got into the battle portions of the game, it just wasn’t for me. Maybe I’ll try it again sometime (that’s the beauty of it being on Game Pass), but for now, it saved me a $15 purchase.

So overall, Game Pass has been a really good direction for me to go in when it comes to trying games, saving money and trying to keep my backlog sane.

I’m totally on board with Forewardlog gaming!