Blaugust 19- Developer Appreciation – Second Life Moles

This may be a strange title if you’re not a resident of Second Life. Even if you are, you may not realize that there’s a group of builders and scripters who work for Linden Labs and make lovely things for residents to enjoy. I didn’t until I moved into my home in Bellisseria.

Who are the Moles?

They work for the Linden Department of Public Works (LDPW). They create zones and builds for things like the official SL events, Nautilus City, Bay City, Portal Park games, but most importantly – to me – the homes and landscaping for all of the Bellisseria neighborhoods.

My little log cabin in Second Life is what’s helped to keep me there and engaged in the world. If you browse the Second Life tag on my gaming blog, you’ll see how I love to decorate my house for holidays and visit SL happenings, such as the Halloween events. All of this can be attributed to the work of the Moles.

In fact, if I inspect any part of my cabin house, I can see the name of the Mole who built the object. If I inspect trees or flowers or creatures around my home, I can see which Mole built those, too.

As you move through the neighborhoods, you come to realize no two are alike. This isn’t a copy-paste job. Each area you explore has been hand-crafted by Moles with its own unique water ways, landmarks, mini-forests, ponds, parks and sometimes even railroad tracks. It’s due to this uniqueness that some lots are more coveted than others.

For example, my cabin resides in the area called Chuckle Pond. In fact, I do have a small pond/park located across the path, right outside my front door. I’m assuming that’s the pond the sim is named after. And I just think that’s neat!

Thank you Moles for building lovely places and fun events for when I visit Second Life!