Sims 4: The Haunted Cottage & The Goth Family Expansion

So I left off in the previous post wondering if I should cure Ryder of his vampirism and make him just a normal Sim. I had a little feedback about this, and in the end, I decided to let the story play out as it did.

Not only did I leave him a vampire, I pushed him to embrace his powers and become a stronger vampire. Due to his personality, I didn’t give him too many “evil” or controlling traits, and even made him a guilty drinker so that he didn’t like to drink from other Sims.

Ryder’s a pretty good fisher at this point, so catching fish from the pond in the yard and turning them into plasma packs has served him just fine.

The Cowplant surprised me when it grew up quite suddenly.

Ryder learned that vampire or not, you don’t tease the Cowplant if you value your hands!

Estrella learns this too… I looked over to find her eaten by the Cowplant! Thankfully, it decided to spit her out rather than killing her (does that happen in Sims 4?).

I’m not sure if I mentioned this in the last post, but I used a cheat to remove most of the extra Simoleons the family had, leaving them about $5,000 in case of emergency. It wasn’t the best of financial situations, but I finally decided it was time for Ryder and Estrella to try for a child.

I was crossing my fingers that the child wouldn’t be born a vampire… I learned that as long as both parents weren’t vampires, there’s only a 50% chance that the baby would be. That’s part of what encouraged me to continue on with Ryder as a vampire. I’ll see what happens!

Estrella was excited to inform Ryder that they are about to have a new family member. She seemed excited!

Ryder also seemed really happy about this development! I think he’ll turn out to be a good father.

They didn’t have much money, but they still built an addition to the family house to make a baby room. By the time that’s done, they can only afford very sparse decorations…

Estrella was getting to be really good at knitting – especially since that kept her busy while waiting for the baby to arrive. That bear toy up there on the rainbow shelf was one of her creations.

And… oops. Cowplant died. 🙁

In the middle of paying attention to everything else on the farm, I didn’t realize the Cowplant needed something to keep it alive. This was my first Cowplant.

I felt pretty bad about this, and thought of rolling back the save, but chose to stay the course and play out my mistakes. Maybe one day I’ll get another Cowplant and will know better what to do.

It’s probably better not to have a Cowplant around a future toddler though, to be honest.

Not much time to mourn, though because baby Abbie soon arrived!

And just as I suspected, Ryder was a very attentive and caring father! He took right to Abbie immediately and assisted Estrella with parental duties whenever needed.

I can’t tell at this point if Abbie will be a vampire or not. Still hoping for the best… though in order to carry on the Goth name, I might have to consider a son later on.

Estrella continued to knit toys for the new baby, and slowly they added on to the fairly empty room. Abbie doesn’t mind at all as long as her parents are tending her needs. 😉

This wouldn’t be a haunted cottage post without a little something about Lucas, though! Estrella was finally making connections to Lucas – it took a while because his fame status prevented her from interacting with him normally. But now… friendship is forming.

I wonder if Lucas and Abbie will eventually become friends, or if having a ghost around will scare the child? I guess I’ll have to find out.

For now, Abbie’s parents are loving her the best they can, and slowly adding new toys to the shelf when they can afford it. Toddler-hood won’t be too far away!

Oh, and just a note on the rainbow llama pictured in the header. I was a little disappointed by that. When you feed animals certain snacks, they turn colors – which I knew. I also knew that chickens will lay eggs of that color, so I assumed that’s the color they remain for the rest of their life.

Not so with this llama. The rainbow wool only grew once, and then it turned back into a white llama. Kinda sad.

{– Sims 4: The Haunted Cottage & Mysterious Ryder Goth || –}