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FFXIV 6.0 Patch Notes Highlights

So here we are, awaiting the drop of Endwalker. And all we have are some delicious patch notes to tide us over until tomorrow. So, let me take a look at them and talk about what I found interesting.

I’m skipping over the things that are fabulous but expected – such as new story, quests, jobs and locations. As usual, I’m taking a look at QoL and unexpected additions!


I know housing isn’t opening until 6.1, and I have no intention of moving my own location, but it’s still a YAY! to get more housing for those who need it!

New furnishings are always welcome and all of these seem really nice. New wall cubbies? New windows? Finally a new shelf? G I A N T X Y L A P H O N E? Yes!

Hats with glasses? What is this black magic? What does it mean?

I’m not as rabid over bunny boys as some folks, but I’m happy they’re coming. I do have a character ready to fantasia to one, just to have one!

Healer LB3 range extension is fantastic! Thank you!

I know not everyone will appreciate the armor designs – and I admit, all of it doesn’t work well on every character type – but the FFIV fan in me delights in this!

Kinda glad I held off working on any more of my Skysteel gathering tools. ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m actually happy about this as long as it doesn’t bork crafting HQ stuff.

I love this idea and hope that we’ll be asked to spearfish more!

I like this and aim to get this for my dancer, Zuri!

This isn’t my style, but I think it’s very cool! (Wish we could fly with just wings in this game.)

I love the look and feel of the new UI rework for the achievement log. It feels much more like an adventurer’s journal now. I’m not an achievement chaser, but I might get into it more next expansion.

This is such a good change! I like the idea of not having to tell it not to use a ticket for low-cost porting! Very good!

Excellent! So many times I’ve blown time on a rez on someone that my co-healer is already rezzing.

YAAAAAAY! Honestly, all I want to be able to do is smile and look at the camera when playing violin. Bards look far too serious during violin mode!


Reducing the number of aether currents required to fly? Yes, please! Unexpected but good, I think. Not that I have that many characters left that need to go through this content, just a few outside of Shadowbringers. But still!

Gemstones for FATEs returns! I guess this ended up doing what they wanted it to do, so it comes back. I both like this system and don’t like it – it takes a LOT of FATEs to complete each area!

That’s pretty cute! I’m happy with the exteriors I have already, but it’s always nice to see something new.

New hairstyles for Viera are nice! Seeing that Hrothgar are getting new styles, and the styles are connected to the heads, I wonder if that means they’ve found a way to change hairstyles and disconnect them from the heads – that way, you don’t have to use a fantasia just to change Hroth hair? I can hope, right?

Players asked for stubble, they got Derplander stubble. Nice!

Consolidated shopping is always nice!

These two were back to back and both get a nice from me, so I put them together.

I’m still not done with my Anima Weapons, so maybe this will help out on some step if I ever get back around to it.

Adding more items to the Calamity salvager is always welcome!

I’m really very curious about this and would like to try it!


Interesting! I tend to like character portraits – it makes it feel more JRPG – as long as they’re done right. It’s nice they give a way to turn them off, too.

We knew this was coming, so sayeth the flood of crafters hitting up the coffee biscuits turn-ins last night before it was nerfed. Too bad I didn’t know this was a good way to make gil. More interestingly, they aren’t adding any new leves that allow for multiple turn-ins in Endwalker, I’m guessing due to this.

I knew this was coming, too. While I admit the relocation system is super unfair to people who don’t have a house yet, and I am glad it is being removed – I will also admit that we wouldn’t have the plots that we do if it wasn’t for relocation. Hopefully the new lotto system will work as well as people need it to.

Hmmm… gone are the days of leveling off of morbol seedlings, I suppose.

Interesting. I wonder if this will be the same weapon as the crafted weapon? I’d guess likely so.

All very, very interesting. I suppose “unrestricted” is more accurate than “undersized” in terms of wording.

What is…. I mean. I have to have it, but what is…?

Hmmm… I’ll have to mess with this to see if I like it. Sounds like a good change, though.

Farewell Belts!

The removal of belts didn’t actually fit under any of my normal reaction modes, so it gets its own. I’m pro removal of belts, but it’s going to be odd. I am ready to turn them all in on Friday though!


I really don’t like the system of switching jobs on your retainer – that you have to drop them back to level 1 and remain as a class until you hit the level where they could be assigned to the job you like. It should be easier than that.

I have, for example, a level 80 Dragoon retainer on Tai. I want to switch Tai to reaper, so my options are to either relevel my retainer completely or level Dragoon so that my retainer can level to 90. I have a feeling I know what I’m going to be doing once I determine reaper is the job I want to main… it just sucks to have to start over on a retainer again. This is a system that really needs to be looked at.

And so that concludes my overall thoughts about what I saw in the 6.0 patch notes. There were other things of smaller note to me, of course, but these were the major highlights.

I’m looking forward to jumping into Endwalker tomorrow, and wish all FFXIV players the best during early access!


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8 thoughts on “FFXIV 6.0 Patch Notes Highlights

  1. I pretty much agree with all of your highlights. Specially yours about retainers. In Shadowbringers I changed my main job from Monk to Machinist. Although I had a lot of fun playing as Machinist I have been hesitating to change my retainer’s job due to all the problems you pointed out and because part of me still kept hope that I might change back to Monk.

    Consequently my retainer has been idly, waiting for me to give her some work to do.

    At this point I think it is unlikely I will change main jobs back to Monk but it will still be a pain to change my retainer’s job to Machinist.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It just seems like there’s gotta be a better system for this. I don’t accept buying retainer jump potions from the Mog Station as a solution! I think it’s a crying shame that those even exist.

      I’ve had this retainer since I rolled this character back in 2013, and the retainer has been consistently max level through each expansion. It’s a bad feeling to know that I’m going to have to roll the retainer back to level 1 and work up all those levels again. Even though, really, it’s not HARD work. It’s just annoying and time consuming. Especially since it costs ventures to maintain, and this character is not one of my mains, so I don’t always think to check his retainer all the time.

      That’s partially why I’m waiting to determine if reaper is going to be a good job for this character – though I pretty much feel like I’m going to make the jump. Seeing this is an alt, I can’t find any logic in leveling up dragoon just for the retainer levels, though.

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  2. The TV mount is something else, no other game will put the player inside the mount, but FFXIV did and the player is not the rider but the show piece ๐Ÿ˜€

    The face option for midlander is nice, but i still wait for true old man looking, when i made my character i wanted to make a male hyur, but the beard options are lacking, the one i could use come with a young looking face, you know the 3 peddlers the players meet when they start the game? that face, it’s young and old at the same time, i want old man looking.

    Have fun while playing, good luck with the servers ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. OK, I seem to be missing the thing about the retainer, why do you need it to be your job (or your main job)?

    So far I only have 1 WAR and 1 BOT retainer at 80, and I am leveling WAR atm, so I can continue – is it just that you don’t plan to level that job “soon” and so your retainer is stuck at 80 or am I missing something else? I’ve been sending mine on quick ventures for weeks and never got back anything good, so I doubt that would be the reason?

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    1. If you want to level your retainer to 90, it will need to be the same job as whatever job you choose to level to 90. If your retainer’s level isn’t important to you, then it doesn’t matter. But to me, I make a good deal of money off my retainers, so it’s important.

      The issue is if you wanted to change your Warrior to Reaper as a main going forward, for example, you can’t just switch jobs on your retainer. You have completely reset your retainer back to level 1. Then you have to relevel that retainer as a marauder (or whatever class) all the way up to level 70 – because you can’t unlock Reaper until 70. You cannot have taken any sort of full /job/ on that retainer before 70 or you have to reset them back to level 1 and work them up all the way.

      In your case, if you plan to stick to WAR as main going forward, you’re fine. This is only if you’re switching main class and want your retainer to follow. In my case, it’s an alt that I don’t plan on leveling other jobs on.

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      1. N, that part is clear, but not why you (or anyone) actually wants their retainer to have the same class in the first place – as I don’t see a huge benefit except in handing down gear, but then any “high” job would do. I don’t remember why I did it back in 2019, I mained BRD until yesterday ๐Ÿ™‚

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        1. Because your retainer job level is capped at your job’s level. In my case, I have a Dragoon that I want to switch to Reaper. This is an alt, and I do not intend to level more than one job on him to 90. Keep in mind, I have so many alts that I can’t possibly level multiple jobs on all of them. I choose one job and stick with it for my alts. (So yes, this may be more of an edge case for folks with alts).

          His retainer is a level 80 Dragoon. This means if I switch to Reaper main, and do not continue to level Dragoon on this character, my retainer can never level past 80. My only option is to reset and start from level 1 lancer again to unlock Reaper at 70.

          I often use battle retainers to bring back materials such as leather and drops from mobs in the overworld for my crafting main. So not leveling my retainers to 90 is going to hurt in more ways than one.

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