FFXIV Endwalker: Checking Off the List

With two runs of Endwalker under my belt and a third pushing through, most of my time has been spent working on various goals for different characters.

Gathering Ease

As seen above, Ben (my main) now has both Miner and Botanist at level 90.

I usually don’t work on my gatherers so early in an expansion, but to be honest, with the removal of high quality gathering mats, daily Grand Company Turn Ins and weekly Deliveries is too simple a way to hit cap now. In fact, it’s so simple that I’m leveling a fourth gatherer and thinking about pushing most of my alts in that direction.

Gathering and selling maps was a big part of my gil income last expansion. I only did this on three characters, but having a few more map sales a day would be fine by me!

Speaking of leveling gatherers, I also finished leveling Amon’s Botanist to 90. His Miner is only 88, so soon I’ll have both of those complete.

I haven’t been concentrating that much on crafters yet, though Ben’s Carpenter is level 87. I mostly did that because I needed to level to craft a new housing item I wanted to give as a gift for Starlight. 🙂

I also want to finish leveling that so I can maintain my crafting mentor position on Ben. Not that I really use it for anything much, but all those hours I spent fishing for collectables back before it was easy to get them reminds me what I went through to originally earn my mentor badge.

Captain, O My Captain

Another small project I worked on was ranking up both Tai and Tad in the Grand Company. In order to get the new GC seal material boxes that have random minions and mounts, you have to have the rank of Captain.

This requires you to level your GC squad to at least 50, and have specific stats to finish a flagged mission. Before you can even see that mission, however, you have to run five unique squad dungeons.

Both of these characters had squads close to having the stats they needed, but I’d not run a single squad dungeon on either of them. So, I had to spend some time burning through low level dungeons on squads for both of them. As of yesterday, they are now Captain rank!

Reaper Level 80

Yet another thing I was working towards was leveling Tai’s Reaper to 80. Previously, he was a level 80 Dragoon who had finished all of Shadowbringers. But I knew that Reaper was probably going to be his main job once it released, and I was right.

In order to move into Endwalker, and more importantly, in order to be able to wear his official glamour set, I needed to get him to 80.

I didn’t work super hard at leveling him, but I did at least do Beast Tribe quests every day. I also tried to use Alliance Roulettes for him when the queue allowed for me to switch characters. He’s one of the characters who doesn’t have the requirements for Bozja open, so that wasn’t an option for leveling him.

Anyhow, that is done. Now, once I get Tad through Endwalker, Tai will be ready to go next! …If I can maintain the endurance to see another character through.

Snake Runs

I won’t go into details about this because it’s somewhat spoilerish. Basically, the level 87 dungeon drops a snake minion that I need for Amon for lore reasons. However, the snake minion is non-tradable. This means, in order to get said minion, I must farm it with Trusts.

I have run the dungeon eight times so far without any luck. Runs will continue.

Pizza Emote

Not really a goal, but I was on board to get myself that pizza emote from the GrubHub promotion. As soon as the gates opened, I already had my order ready to place. I don’t know if that promised me an emote – seems like there was some issues for people not being able to get theirs that I hope works out.

I did end up getting mine, however, and gifted it to Amon.

Pandemonium Unlock

This week, the new raid dropped. I’m not much of a raider, but I am interested in this particular story arc. So, last night, Syn and I worked to unlock the raid.

That’s when I found out I was two ilvls too low to run it. So, we ran an expert instead, and that bumped me up one ilvl. Today, I finished that up by running an Alliance and picking up one more accessory.

Really, this was on me for having bought the weapon first and not the accessories. I didn’t think about it very well. But now, I’m ready to give these fights a shot and see what the story holds.

I’m trying to make sure that aside from leveling, MSQ, gathering and maybe some crafting, I do all of the important stuff on Ben as my main. Now that I’ve got Tai settled in where he needs to be, and a lot of the gathering leveling out of the way, I can focus more on earning tomes for Ben and leveling some of his alt jobs.