FFXIV: Getting Fisher to Level 90 in Endwalker

FFXIV: Getting Fisher to Level 90 in Endwalker

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While I’m a fan of Grand Company turn-ins for leveling Miner and Botanist, I’ve never been much on doing that for Fisher. I guess it could be fine, but if feels like the randomness of the catch would make doing it every day a long process compared to the easy 10 or 20 things to gather for the other jobs.

Again, I’ve not really tried, this is just a hunch.

Because of that, I put off leveling my Fisher. This weekend, however, I thought about all the space I could save if I could get rid of my older set of gathering gear and consolidate. So when Sunday rolled around and I had plenty of time, I decided to tackle the job of getting my Fisher to 90.

What I chose to do was go out Ocean Fishing every two hours and then do the Studium fishing quests in Sharlayan in between. Both gave very acceptable experience for the time spent. In about 8 hours of very casual fishing, I’d leveled from 80 to 90.

I feel like you could certainly do this on Ocean Fishing alone, but it would take a lot longer with the two-hour intervals. Weaving the Studium quests in between voyages was a good use of time, especially since Studium quests rarely gave enough experience to push you over the threshold to the level required for the next quest (every two levels). Usually, one voyage between each was enough to keep me rolling, though.

Fisher did get a few small changes with Endwalker, most specifically the addition of Angler’s Art. This is a stacking buff that you receive when you catch a large size fish. You can then use those stacks to activate a variety of other skills as you fish.

While this is nothing earth-shaking, I thought this addition was nice and gave you more to do while fishing – if you want to. You can completely ignore this little system, but having a skill that restores some GP without using cordials is pretty awesome!

The Studium quests were mostly straightforward, gathering collectables of a certain collectability. Most of the quests didn’t take me very long (I wasn’t trying for max collectability), and none of them required hard-to-get bait. In fact, I think most of them could be caught with the Versatile Lure – though the quest often told you what the fish’s supposed favorite bait was.

I was a little sad they didn’t send me out spearfishing yet – I didn’t finish the level 90 quest, so there’s still a possibility they will. I haven’t yet explored the new spear fishing mini-game, and I really should.

I usually enjoy my voyages in ocean fishing – it’s just nice to have the feeling of a bunch of people fishing along with you on the boat. I still needed the two minions on Ben, so it was another good excuse for doing it. By the time I was done, I did get the gull minion, but not the dolphin minion, yet.

Another perk is that both Studium quests and the voyages give you White Gathering Scrips. You can use these scrips to buy the Fokelore tokens you need for the newest set of gathering Fokelore books. So that’s another thing to keep in mind, especially if you’re leveling all your gatherers.

All in all, it wasn’t very difficult for a character who had finished Endwalker – some of the Studium quests will require you to go to certain Endwalker zones, so I’m going to guess the quests are blocked until you do. I need to do this again on Amon eventually, but I think I can take it slower for him and do it bit-by-bit over a weeknight sometime.

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