FFXIV: Endwalker Completed (Again) – Third Time’s the Charm

It’s been over a month since I beat Endwalker a second time, so it’s high-time to do it again! And that I did – on Tad this time!

I’d actually started playing through Endwalker on Tad before I started Amon. For creative story reasons, I was inspired to put Tad on hold and complete Endwalker on Amon first. So I’ve slowly been going back through and chipping away at the expansion on Tad ever since.

Mostly, my motivation is to finish leveling my gatherers. I’ve been doing this the slow but steady way of completing Grand Company turn-ins each day. Eventually, you need to unlock all of the zones (and flying helps) in Endwalker to be able to do this as your gatherers level up. So that kept me moving through expansion progress.

I did finish leveling Miner and Botanist to 90 on Tad over this weekend. So all of that was worth it, IMHO.

I now have three characters who have finished Endwalker and all of them have Miner and Botanist to 90. Only one has Fisher to 90, however – that will be something to work on over time for me.

Just when you thought it was over… it’s not. I have another character waiting in the wings to do the exact same thing once more.

I’ve been leveling Tai’s gatherers with daily turn-ins for a few months now. He was one that I leveled from scratch, so he’s been one of those on-going projects. Over the weekend, he’s just hit 80 on both Miner and Botanist.

I’m trying to push his leveling as far as it can go while daily turn-ins still request areas in Shadowbringers (since I have the free warp attuned to the Crystarium). But pretty soon, I’m going to need to unlock Endwalker zones for him to be able to progress. So he will be next in line to move through the expansion as my level 80 Reaper. I’m excited to put some time into playing this job!

Zuri is also in a position to move into Endwalker as my Dancer. She’s only leveled Fisher so far, so I’m thinking about unlocking Miner and Botanist for her, as well, and to start working on dailies.

I use my current stable of gatherers for digging up maps daily, which is a quick and easy way of making a decent amount of gil for very little time/effort. It just requires you to have the gatherer at the proper level for it.

I also need to go back and do job quests I skipped for my gatherers, which should be pretty trivial at this level. But it’s on my list!