FFXIV: Things to Do Before Patch 6.1

While I know that Patch 6.1 won’t be dropping until at the earliest sometime in April, I still have a long list of loose ends I’d like to tie up before new content drops.

Squad Rush

With the announcement of Trusts coming to ARR in 6.1, Yoshi-P noted that something would be done with squads – likely they’d be done away with or merged into Trusts somehow. Currently, squads are a system that’s tightly connected with ranking up in your Grand Company.

To get the final rank in the GC, you must:

Currently, I have four characters on my main server who have a squad that I’ve leveled to 50 and have the proper stats to complete the flagged mission. All that stands between me and the top rank in the GC for them is running the five unique dungeons (the flagged mission isn’t even an option until you’ve completed that).

I actually hadn’t paid much mind to my squads until 6.0 dropped. You must be at max GC rank in order to buy the boxes that contain minions/mounts from previous expansions using GC seals.

When I realized that, I finished pushing through two characters to max GC rank back in December. Looking at the rest of my characters, I noticed four of them were really, really close to getting this done. So, I worked on finishing up what was needed level and stat-wise

I don’t know if they’re taking Squads out in 6.1 or not. And if they do, I’m not sure what the requirement for earning max GC rank will be after that. It may be easier to achieve or it may be harder.

So, I want to push through this – since I’ve done all the work to level my squads – on the final four characters before that’s no longer an option. This means I must finish running the five unique dungeons on all of them – well, actually, one of them only has two dungeons left.

These are things like Halatali and Brayflox – under level 50 stuff that aren’t that hard. It’s just a redundant thing to do.

Beast Tribe Leveling

We’re getting a new beast tribe series starting in 6.1. While we don’t know if this is battle, crafting or gathering, I’m going to take a good guess it’s probably a battle beast tribe. That’s how it worked in the last expansion, and FFXIV tends to follow trends that it’s set in the past.

I’ve already leveled Sage to 80 on Ben using Pixie beast tribes. I’m currently working on leveling his Reaper in the same way.

So my goal here is to get all my jobs on Ben (my main) to level 80 so that once the beast tribe quests drop, I can begin the long, long, long task of slowly chipping away at leveling my jobs to 90 using the new dailies.

This is how I did a good chunk of my leveling back in Shadowbringers. Sure, it’s slow, but it’s usually less than 15 mins per day to complete. Something I do during lunch break.

The reward for leveling all jobs to 90 is rather lackluster compared to the Amaro mount we got last expansion. So, it’ll really depend on how tedious these beast tribe quests are whether I push through to level all my jobs again this expansion, or if I just pick and choose what I’m interested in.

One More Time Through the Expansion

And finally, I want to progress at least one more character through Endwalker – Tai. He’s sitting at about level 86 gatherers and capped there because I need him to open up more zones in Endwalker to finish leveling his gathering jobs.

But really, I do just want to get a lineup of characters in place so that I don’t get too far behind when it comes to pushing through 6.1 repeated times.

Zuri is also at a point where she can start Endwalker, but I’m still leveling her gatherers, so she’s not in as much need as Tai is to move forward. But it would be nice to get two characters through the expansion. Not impossible, but I’m not sure how much I feel like pushing it!

Are you looking forward to Patch 6.1?
Do you have goals that you’d like to finish before new content drops?